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Cuba and Southern Africa

Cuban documents about Havana's policy toward Southern Africa in the final fifteen years of the Cold War. Obtained by Piero Gleijeses for his book "Visions of Freedom." See his introduction to the collection for more information. (Image: Soviet-built tank manned by Cuban troops guards road junction in Luanda, Angola, during civil war in 1976. CIA document, Cuban Armed Forces and the Soviet Military Presence.)

Popular Documents

February 1978

Jorge Risquet to Agostinho Neto

Jorge Risquet was the head of the Cuban Civilian Mission in Angola; Agostinho Neto was the president of Angola.

April 23, 1976

Raúl Castro, Report on Cuban Technical Assistance to Angola, 'Acerca de la necesidad de una masiva ayuda técnica (civil) a RPA'

Cuba’s minister of defense Raúl Castro recommends granting technical assistance to Angola.

October 1988

Meetings between Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States, 'Reuniones para lograr una solución al conflicto de la región del suroeste de Africa' #4-8

Meetings between delegations of Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States about the future of Angola and Namibia: Geneva, 2-5 August 1988; Brazzaville, 24-26 August 1988; Brazzaville 7-9 September 1988; Brazzaville 26-29 September 1988; New York, 6-9 October 1988.

July 1986

Arnaldo Ochoa to Konstantin Kurochkin

General Arnaldo Ochoa was Cuba’s deputy minister of defense in charge of military missions abroad; General Konstantin Kurochkin was first deputy head of the Main Directorate of Personnel of the Soviet General Staff and a former head of the Soviet Military Mission in Angola.

June 1976

Raúl Castro, Report on his Visit to Africa, 'Informe al Buró Político del Segundo Secretario del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba acerca de su visita... (19 de abril a 7 junio de 1976)'

Cuba’s minister of defense Raúl Castro reports on his visit to Angola, the USSR, Congo Brazzaville and Guinea Conakry, 19 April - 7 June 1976.