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Iran's Tudeh Party

Iran’s Tudeh Party is a collection of documents regarding the “People’s Party of Iran” or “Party of Masses,” Iran’s largest Communist party. The documents were collected from the Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (RGANI) and the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History (RGASPI), as well as the Stasi Records Agency (BStU) in Germany. The records concern communist and anti-communist activities in Iran during the 1970s and 1980s, as well as Iranian activities in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Soviet Union. Aside from the Tudeh Party, the documents also encompass subjects such as the Iran hostage crisis and the role of Islam in Iran.


Popular Documents

June 14, 1980

Information about the USA's Failed Military Operation in Iran

Detailed report on the failures and proposed outline of an aborted American mission to free hostages held in the American Embassy in Tehran.

March 1, 1957

Resolution of the CC of the People's Party of Iran of 1 March 1957 Regarding the Events of February 1949

Following Naser Fakhr Arai's attempt to kill the Shah in February 1949, the People's Party of Iran faced accusations that it had a direct role in the assassination attempt. The NPI denied any direct role, however contends that executive committee member Kyanuri and Party official Argani were connected in the capacity that they were aware of it. The resolution seeks to explain their character of connection and their degree of responsibility.

November 2, 1946

Cable Nº 37172/37168 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran I. V. Sadchikov reports on increased repression of populist organizations, trade unions, and the People's Party of Iran (Tudeh). He requests instructions on how to advise populists who hope to declare a one-day general protest strike.

May 1, 1983

'Iranian Intelligence Service IRNA: "More on Espionage Confession from Leaders of the Tudeh Party"'

The leader of the Tudeh Party, Noureddin Kianouri, confesses to sharing information with the Soviet Union and using his Party to aid in Soviet espionage.

March 13, 1958

Notes from Meeting between the Iranian Comrades and Comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu, Bucharest, March 13, 1958

Record of a meeting between the Tudeh First Secretary, Reza Radmanesh, and Nicolae Ceauşescu, then a member of the Politburo of the Romanian Workers' Party, shortly after the Tudeh's Fifth Plenum in Bulgaria, where the Iranian communists pledged themselves to working with 'all national and democratic forces' in Iran. Document highlights the disarray and fragmentation of the Tudeh at this time.