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Leonid Brezhnev Collection

Popular Documents

March 17, 1967

Record of Conversations between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu, 17 March 1967

Brezhnev and Ceausescu begin by extending warm welcomes to one another before diving into the importance of finalizing a draft of a nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Most of the discussion is spent arguing over the relevance of disarmament within the treaty.

March 7, 1968

Record of Conversation between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu on 7 March 1968

A record of a conversation in which Brezhnev and Ceausescu discuss weather or not to say that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will only be signed once the United States ends its actions in Vietnam. Brezhnev advises not to raise the issue, while Ceausescu claims that it must be stated in order to advance a solution towards disarmament.

October 4, 1979

Transcript of Brezhnev Honecker summit in East Berlin (excerpt on Iran and Afghanistan)

Transcript of Brezhnev Honecker summit in East Berlin (excerpt on Iran and Afghanistan) with Brezhnev discussing the leadership of Amin and expressing continued Soviet support for Afghanistan

July 25, 1978

Transcript, Meeting of East German leader Erich Honecker and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, Crimea, 25 July 1978 (excerpt)

Brezhnev and Honecker discuss the tense status of Soviet-American relations and the current situations in China and Southeast Asia.

September 15, 1981

Transcript of Brezhnev's Phone Conversation with Kania, 15 September 1981

Brezhnev worries the Polish Solidarity movement will undermine communist authority in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.