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Nuclear Debate Pamphlets

 Pamphlets from both pro- and anti-nuclear organizations published during the 1980 period of rising tensions and the decline of déténte. See also the Euromissiles Crisis and the related collections of the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project. (Image, cover of Moscow Independent Peace Group)

Popular Documents


Protect and Survive

British government booklet aimed at the general public describing "how to make your home and your family as safe as possible under nuclear attack."


Protest and Survive

Pamphlet from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation arguing for a nuclear-free Europe. Describes the potentially destructive effects of nuclear weapons. Promotes skepticism towards official government statements regarding weapons on both sides and the idea that the strategy of deterrence at its core will only lead to more usable weapons and eventually their actual use. Provides a document endorsing a European nuclear free zone for readers to sign.


Beyond the Cold War

Lecture by EP Thompson before the Worcester City Guildhall seeking to define the Cold War in a contemporary context. Thompson argues that the standard dichotomous definitions of the past have become improper and the Cold War is now best defined as a developed habit supported by the material interests of each side, most importantly military and political actors. He describes the Cold War as a method for leaders to easily access the ideological regulation and social discipline needed to ensure their positions. Therefore, Thompson argues, since these leaders have a direct interest in its continuance, people, and not states, must bring about any significant change in the Cold War.


Target North-West: Civil Defence & Nuclear War in Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire

Pamphlet by the Richardson Institute for Peace and Conflict Research detailing the effects and aftermath of a nuclear war on Northwest England. Describes emergency defense plans for the post-attack government.


Nuclear Weapons

British government pamphlet describing the general features and effects of nuclear weapons. Intended for home defense planners, it includes detailed scientific information about the destructive forces of nuclear blasts, the dangers to human health, and the construction of effective shelters.