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Planning for Post-War Japan

Popular Documents

August 18, 1945

Telegram from Aleksandr Vasilevsky to Stalin

Vasilevsky reports on the progress of the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and planning for invasion of the Japanese island of Hokkaido and other islands in the Pacific.

August 18, 1945

Order by Aleksandr Vasilevsky to the Commander of the 1st Far Eastern Front

Vasilevsky sends orders to continue the occupation of Manchuria and prepare for invasion of the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

October 11, 1945

TASS Digest, 'Byrnes' Statement at a Press Conference; etc.'

Excerpts from a press conference by James Byrnes on the creation of a Far East Consultative Commission, as well as articles on the atomic bomb, the Council of Foreign Ministers, and a new civilian advisor for Jewish matters appointed by General Eisenhower.

November 15, 1945

TASS Report Distributed to Cdes. I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov, A.I. Mikoyan, L.P. Beria, G.M. Malenkov, and A. Ya. Vyshinsky, 'Byrnes' Statement at a Press Conference'

TASS reports on a press conference given by United States Secretary of State James Byrnes at which he spoke about conflicts between the Soviet Union and the United States over the control mechanism and Far East Commission in Japan in addition to other foreign policy issues.

November 12, 1945

Memorandum Presented to Mr. Harriman by V. M. Molotov on 12 November 1945

This Soviet reply to the American government attempts to lay out Soviet changes to American proposals for a control mechanism and Far East Commission in Japan and provides justification for those changes.