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Project RYaN

Project RYaN was a KGB lead program to anticipate a "nuclear missile attack" (Raketno-Yadernoe Napadenie) on the Soviet Union. Beginning in 1981, the KGB operated a worldwide intelligence network to monitor indicators and assess the likelihood of a surprise nuclear missile attack launched by NATO. The collection contains translations of documents released by the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU) which show KGB/Stasi collaboration and casts an unprecedented light on the operational details, structure, and scope of the RYaN project. (Image: Andropov signs the 1973 agreement between the KGB and Stasi. BStU, MfS, ZAIG/Fo/740, Bild 82)

Popular Documents

November 26, 1984

Committee for State Security (KGB), 'Indicators to Recognize Adversarial Preparations for a Surprise Nuclear Missile Attack'

A catalog of indicators of NATO preparation for nuclear war that were monitored by Warsaw Pact intelligence services under Project RYaN. The activity is divided into the following areas: political and military, activities of intelligence services, civil defense, and economic.

April 1989

Committee for State Security (KGB), 'About Results of Intelligence Activities to Note Indicators for a Surprise Nuclear Missile Attack'

This report from the KGB contains results from intelligence activities conducted in April 1989 aimed at exposing indicators of a surprise nuclear missile attack on the USSR.

May 6, 1986

Ministry of State Security (Stasi), 'Report on Development and Achieved State of Work Regarding Early Recognition of Adversarial Attack and Surprise Intentions (Complex RYAN)'

This report by Ministry of State Security describes developments and achievements toward early recognition of a surprise nuclear missile attack on the USSR (Complex RYAN).

November 7, 1983

Ministry of State Security (Stasi), 'About the Talks with Comrade V. A. Kryuchkov'

This report describes conversations with Comrade Kryuchkov, coving a multitude of subjects, but delving briefly into the problem of "prevention of a surprise nuclear attack" (RYAN). Kryuchkov responded that this issue is being continually worked on, but no central decisions had been made as of yet.

January 14, 1983

Ministry of State Security (Stasi), Brief Note, 'Issues to Discuss with the Leadership of the KGB of the USSR'

This brief note written by the Ministry of State Security includes a number of questions for the leadership of the KGB in the USSR, such as whether other elements, like military doctrine or emergency responses, should be examined as possible options for starting a war.