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January 16, 1980


This document was made possible with support from the Leon Levy Foundation

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    This document details the composition of Warsaw Pact armed forces.
    "Military Exercise Composition of the Assault Landing Formations," January 16, 1980, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN-BU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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Copy Nº 1

//Polish declassification stamp//


Assault landing formation Nº 1 composed of:

A. Assault transport equipment:

the 171st bdk: three Project 1171 bdk's and one Project 775 bdk

[Translator's note: the abbreviation bdk found in these documents can expand to both "brigada of landing ships" and "large landing ship"; here it's the latter]

the 729th ddk [Divizion of Landing Ships] (with eight Project 770 and 773 dk's [landing ship] and three Project 1176 dka's)

the 277th ddk (three Project 770 and 771 sdk's [medium landing ship] and five Project 1785 dka's)

the 150th ddk ( five Project 1232 mdk's [small landing ship])

the 17th ddk (15 Project 1205 dka's and four Project 1206 dka's)

a brigada of transports (10 roll-on/roll-off transports, 15 transports, six ferries, and eight cutters on PK [?border guard boats?])

a squadron of assault helicopters


the 186th behm [Destroyer Brigada (six destroyers)

four Project 50 escort vessels from the 157th dpk

the 117th draka [expansion unknown, but probably some type of long-range gunboats] (10 [Project] 1236 aka's [gunboat])

C. Security forces:

the 228th brk [Brigada of River Ships] (one bpk [large ASW vessel], four Project 1135 escort vessels)

the 30th obskr [Independent Brigada of Escort Vessels] (12 pka's [Patrol Boats]

the 209th dpka [Divizion of Border Cutters] (four mpk's)

the 135th dtshch (12 mt's [small trawlers])

D. Rescue detachment

from the VS i ASS [Emergency Rescue Service] of the B [possibly Baltiysk] Naval Base:

one SB [salvage and rescue tug], two mb [seagoing tug], one pzhs [firefighting ship], two vm [diving ship], two pzhk [firefighting boat] and one kil [crane-equipped ship].

from the VS i ASS of the Liepaya Naval Base:

two mb.

E. A detachment of NGO [navigation and hydrographic support] ships

from the 703rd OD [of] GISU [hydrographic vessels], four hydrographic vessels

from the 51st RGS [Regional Hydrographic Service], three BGK's [large hydrographic ship]

from the 41st RGS, two BGK's

F. Detachment of supply ships

from the 564th dmso [probably Divizion of Naval Support Vessels], one tn [tanker] and two Vtr's [?military transport?]

The commander of assault landing formation Nº 1 is the commander of the 171st bdk.

Assault landing formation Nº 1 is to concentrate at Wismar by the end of 25.1.2 [SIC]

Assault landing formation Nº 2 composed of:

the 22nd bdk composed of 21 dks's [medium landing ship], 14 dka's (15 dks's for the operational assault group)

An otr [detachment of transports] composed of 10 Tr, four ferries, and six cutters on PK's.

An air squadron of Mi-8 assault helicopters [of the] PF

OKOP composed of the destroyer Varshava, four Project 56 and Project 30-bis destroyers from the 186th behm.

Security forces composed of:

the 25th dpk of the 28th FOP, five Project 620 escort vessels and seven Project 912 mpk's

the 23rd dtshch of the 28th FOP, eight trawlers

A rescue detachment composed of:

three sb, two mb [seagoing tug], three vm, one Gisu, and three bgk.

The detachment of support vessels: one tank[er], two transports, one hospital ship.

Assault formation Nº 3

A. The 31st bdk (17 Project 108 sdk's)

OTr (three transports, two ferries, and three cutters on PK)

A detachment of assault helicopters


the 157th dpk (four Project 50 escort vessels)

C. Security forces

the 34th bkovr [Brigada of Offshore Defense Ships] (eight mpk's, and 10 tshchb [coastal trawler])

the 33rd dskr [Divizion of Escort Vessels] (three Project 1150 escort vessels)

D. Rescue detachment

Two tugs and two vm from the 31st Flotilla

E. Detachment of NGO vessels

One Gisu and three bgk's

F. Detachment of support ships

One tanker and two transports from the 31st Flotilla

The commander of formation Nº 3 is the commander of the 31st Flotilla

Assault landing formation Nº 3 is to concentrate in Hohwacht Bay by 1600 24 January

Five copies printed, to file

typed [by] BF/16.1.1980

Nº PF-30/1