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October 26, 1962


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    This concerns the status of Czechoslovak domestic organizations at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Included in the report are the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement, Central Council of Labor Unions, Czechoslovak Union of Youth, and the National Front.
    "Report on “Extraordinary Measures” Regarding Czechoslovak Organizations ," October 26, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Archive, Archive of the CC CPCZ (Prague), file Antonin Novotny, Kuba, box 124.
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Report on implementation of extraordinary measures in the ROH [Revolutionary Trade Union Movement], ČSM [Czechoslovak Union of Youth], and National Front

Central Council of Labor Unions [ÚRO]

The Secretariat of the ÚRO discussed the ÚRO statement on the Cuban question and measures to implement extraordinary measures.

The statement of the ÚRO was submitted to the Czech Press Office, but was published only in the daily Práce.

A round-the-clock duty service of three comrades was established, consisting of the heads of department of the ÚRO and their representatives, the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the Central Committees of the labor unions. Similar measures were enacted in the labor union building on Gorký Square. A list has been made of personnel and their methods of instruction. The readiness of the vehicle park has also been secured. The ÚRO will always be notified of the absence of leading functionaries of the ÚRO, labor unions, and the [KOR].

Duty hours of the leading functionaries of the ÚRO are from 18:00 to 06:00 in the morning. From 06:00 to 08:00 comrades from the defense staff. Precise orders have been drawn up for duty service.

Measures for archive materials

The Central Archive has already been deposited at a specified place outside the ÚRO building. An emergency materials plan was put into effect in accordance with orders from the CC CPCz. Com Kozelka informed the heads of department of the ÚRO and the Chairmen and the Vice-Chairmen of the labor unions’ Central Committees of the necessary measures.

Plan E

The World Federation of Labor Unions was not included in this plan. Yesterday morning (25.10.) Cde. Kozelka discussed these matters with Cde. Chleboun and Cde. Mevald, who drew up a list of comrades into two ranks, which is being speedily verified.

The defense headquarters of the ÚRO was joined by comrades from the World Federation of Labor Unions.

Unresolved issues

The limit for the relief of ROH [Revolutionary Trade Union Movement] functionaries was assembled without the district labor councils, and without the World Federation of Labor Unions.

Now a request has been submitted to main headquarters, but a decision has not yet been made.

Czechoslovak Union of Youth [ČSM]

A proclamation by the Central Committee of the ČSM was discussed and approved, and was published today in Mladá fronta only. The statement was submitted to the ČTK by the CC ČSM.

The statement of the University Council of the CC ČSM was also announced in the press.

An alert was declared for all political personnel of the CC ČSM, who were informed of the most important tasks.

The CC ČSM cancelled a number of planned meetings, so that functionaries of the ČSM can be utilized form active work among youth.

It also came to agreement with the municipal council of the ČSM on launching a campaign in the schools (meetings, assemblies) and the inclusion of foreign students.

In Prague and Bratislava foreign students, especially from Cuba, exhibited a tendency to go into the streets, and some voices advocated attacking the American embassy. The organs of the ČSM agreed with the foreign students that they will take part in joint gatherings with the ČSM in the schools.

Orders were prepared for duty service and methods of possible mobilization of CC ČSM personnel. Vehicles and drivers have been placed on alert.

M measures

Adjustments and additions were carried out for the occupation of sectors from the standpoint of the present cadre profile of the CC ČSM.

Orders were prepared for evacuation, and measures taken for archival material according to orders from the CC ČSM.

Some problems:

1. So far means of possible evacuation have not been set. From the Ministry of Transportation they have the order to go by train.

2. The question of archive materials from the CC ČSM, the International Students’ Union, Mladá fronta, and the ČSM Central School has thus far not been resolved.

The archives of the CC ČSM are supposed to be deposited in the state archives, which have rejected them however, saying that the Institute for the History of the CPCz is responsible for this task. Here they refuse also, saying that it has not been approved by the Secretariat or the leading comrades of the CC CPCz.

The economic archive has also not been dealt with, because the CC ČSM has no place to put it, and no means. The same for the archive of the ČSM Central School.

Also unresolved is the question of relocating the archive to a selected place in Slovakia. No site or money has been approved with which the archive could be relocated.

3. The biggest problems are with the International Students’ Union, which has not been considered up until now. So far there is no site or means to relocate the personnel of this organization. There is the possibility of relocating them if needed to the recreation facility in Pec, but there are no means of getting them there. The archive of that organization and what to do with it is an unresolved question.

4. There are also problems with Mladá fronta. They don’t know what to do with the archive. It is an open question what to do in the event of extraordinary measures with the publishing house, and especially with the daily newspaper Mladá fronta.

5. In case of need the municipal CD command center will request in case of need from the CC ČSM buses and delivery trucks with civilian and girl drivers. The CC ČSM does not have civilian and women drivers, and all the Svazarm courses are full. This task has not been fulfilled.

National Front

The Czechoslovak Socialist Party and the People’s Party have adopted a statement, which has been published in today’s daily papers.


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