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April 30, 1962


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    "Regarding the Approval of Requests from the Relatives of High-Ranking Korean Nationality Chinese Cadres to Go to Korea," April 30, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 118-01027-01, 1-4. Translated by David Cowhig.
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Regarding the Approval of Requests from the Relatives of High-Ranking Korean Nationality Chinese Cadres to Go to [North] Korea

Since 1960, the [North] Korean government has submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Korea, and the Korean Consulate General in Changchun has submitted to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the names of 87 people from seventeen households. Among these, during 1960, applications from seventeen people belonging to three households were accepted and during 1961, applications from 69 people from 15 households were accepted. During the first quarter of 1962, an application of one person from one household was accepted. Up to the present, applications from 71 people from sixteen households to go to Korea have been approved. Applications have been received in various localities from fifteen people from two households. We have been informed that one person from one household does not want to go to Korea.

Concerning applications from the relatives of Korean nationality high-ranking cadres, the Provincial Public Security Department, after being informed by the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, promptly notifies the local public security organs and requests them to promptly investigate and report the results to the Provincial Public Security Department. The Provincial Public Security Department gives priority to the examination and approval of these applications. It usually takes one month for these application to be examined and approved. The fastest take three days while the slowest ones take two-and-a-half months. From the experience of the first sixteen households approved, seven of the applications were approved with a month; four were approved with a month-and-a-half; two within two months and two within two-and-a-half months.

Reasons for approvals not being timely enough:

1. The person who notified did not have a specific address and could not be investigated for a time. For example, Liu Yunji of Ning'an County, was notified on December 29, 1961, but not found until February 15, 1962 and then applied the next day.

2. Three households requested that their application be delayed or put off their application for some reason. For example, after Chi Chenglong of Miyun County, Jixi City was notified, they went to look for their daughter for a month. Later, they did not submit a photograph. That also caused a delay. The sister of the Miyun County Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Xu Shengsong, after she was notified said that since she had a private plot of land, said that she would apply after she had disposed of it. Han X [sic] Peng of Jixi City after being notified asked that the application be delayed until property was disposed of.

3. Some of the public security organ at the grassroots level do not have a strong sense of individual responsibility and there is a backlog of notices from the province. In some cases this is because the person responsible has been transferred and nobody has taken their place and in others because many people have too many multiple responsibilities and in the press of public business nobody has specific responsibility for it.

4. Provincial Public Security Department supervision is inadequate

The status of two applications from two households now being processed:

(1) The case of Han X [sic] Peng of Jixi City. On November 18, 1961 by the Jixi City Public Security Bureau promptly notified the branch office. Han told them that he was and requested that the application be delayed until family savings and property could be disposed of. Application was not made until March 1962. At that time, the younger brother’s work unit did not agree that he depart along with his brother, but failed to make a timely report to higher authority which did not reach the Public Security office concerned until April 26.

(2) Jin Ying, a worker of the Jixi City people’s commune dental worker. In 1958, during the Anti-Rightist Campaign, the commune Communist Party Committee designated Jin as a bad element. Later, in 1959 and 1960, Jin applied to go to Korea but Jin was a bad element, the city bureau rejected the application. On November 28, 1961, after receiving the notice from the Provincial Public Security Department, Jin was found to be missing. According to investigation, Jin Ying crossed the border to Korea in September 1961. When he returned, Korean high ranking cadres gave Jin a certificate with permission to cross the border on the footbridge but because Jin while crossing the border was carrying a large quantity of rubber shoes, Jin drowned in the river. Now his family is preparing to go to Korea. The application will be processed quickly once it is received.

One person did not want to go to Korea. Zheng Xinzi of Mishan County is the niece of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Korea, She was notified on January 8, 1962 but said that she would not go to Korea.

[Note: the following sentence is crossed out in the original] Attachment: Two tables with details on applications and approvals for relatives of Korean nationality high-ranking cadres to go to Korea from 1960 to the first quarter of 1962,

April 30, 1962