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June 07, 1971


This document was made possible with support from the Youmna and Tony Asseily

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    A Soviet report on British and American involvement in the Arab Gulf under the guise of capital investments and prospects for the Dhofar revolution.
    "Study by the Bureau of the Science and Economics Institute at the Science Academy in the Soviet Union," June 07, 1971, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Emir Farid Chehab Collection, GB165-0384, Box 10, File 16D/10, Middle East Centre Archive, St Antony’s College, Oxford.
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Study by the bureau of the Science and Economics Institute at the Science Academy in the Soviet Union

The International Action Institute in Moscow

About the activities of international imperialism and reactivity in the Arab Gulf

Addressed to the Foreign Relations Bureau of the central committee of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union

For a while now, The Arab Gulf region has been witnessing heightened activity by the British and the Americans and those who follow in their footsteps; namely Faisal and the Shah.  As part of this activity, there appears every once in a while cleverly-written plays intended to deceive and distract public opinion in the Gulf in particular and in world in general.  Starting with Iran’s demands to Bahrain, t the three islands, to the latest play about Iran’s threats to shoot down any British aircraft that flies over the Iranian fleet in the Gulf!!!  The fleet which Britain supplied Iran with… they are both active members in NATO!!!  Other news we have heard is the failure to establish the union of Arab Emirates, which was blamed on the rulers of Bahrain and Dubai, when everyone knows that Issa and Zaaid are nothing but puppets Britain can ship to London whenever it wished, as was the case with Said Bin Taimur and Shakhbot…

The main issue is greater rebellion.  The imperialists are greatly in need of time to finalize their plan of conspiracy, thus they create these plays, whose aim is to deceive the people. 

The imperialists’ plan is to tighten the grip on the Gulf.  Since 1965, the region has been witnessing a frenzy of attacks from foreign capital in order to monopolize it in its entirety.  In Bahrain, the aluminum company “Elba” has been producing with 70 Million pounds in capital, in which participation from the US, Great Britain, Sweden and West Germany.  Six new banks have been established since 1970, among those are First National Citi Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation, which has special ties to the aluminum company.  And the list goes on as the Financial Times reported that Bank of America and Tokyo Bank are in the process of opening branches in Bahrain.  In addition, insurance companies and hotels like the Hilton are also on their way there… In Oman, Foreign capital has been splitting the market after the British replaced Said Bin Taimur with Qabus.  The American company, Philips has taken a large part of Oman’s oil excavation.  As for the British “Shell” company, they have been given additional oil regions to invest in and to drill for minerals throughout the country.  As for West Germany, they have been given been given road construction projects, Qabus Port and the hotels.

The situation in the coastal Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai is going in that same direction since 1968.

Shrouding this imperialist attack under the guise of economic boom that will take the area into a new industrial phase and other lies will not deceive anyone.  The people of the Gulf know this type of new imperialism.  Many a people have been afflicted with this capitalism that tastes sweet, but in fact poison.  Latin America has seen nothing but hunger, poverty and illiteracy as a result of this American capitalism.  They have struggling for a long time to be free of this capitalism that is supported by forces of imperialism.

The Gulf region has been under the control of British imperialism for hundreds of years, which has brought them nothing but hunger, poverty, displacement, imprisonment and droves or martyrs of their free sons.  They know very well that the imperialists are not concerned with the peoples’ interests, only their own, and with stealing more and impoverishing the people.  This is the only objective of these projects that are popping up in the Gulf.  The escalated activity and planning being laid out for the people of the Gulf will fail thanks to the mass struggle against imperialism, for when the people stand together as one in the face of the thugs, then these plans by the imperialists and their agents will fail and King Faisal’s efforts will collapse while goes back and forth from Iran to Formosa to Japan, and finally to his masters.

The Gulf people will unite to defeat these conspiracies.  The noise that Faisal and the Shah and others like them are making about Communist ideology is nothing but the cries of a desperate drowning individual who can see the seas of the masses rushing around him on the path of freedom and independence, the path of progress, and the path of development and industry.  It’s very important to mention the importance of the petrochemical industries that the imperialists are trying, in any way they can, to diminish in the Arab Gulf region.

The people of the Gulf will be able to crush the schemes and the imperialist projects that are being woven against them and to force their political independence in order to build economic independence and advancement based on cooperation and support from the world progressive forces.  This with the increase in support for the revolution in Dhofar and Oman’s mainland by preparing military training for the revolutionary youth, especially coming from our country, the Soviet Union, with participation from Socialist countries to give positive assistance to the Dhofar revolution.

Victory for people of the region and the Gulf is guaranteed, especially for Dhofar and Oman’s mainland revolutions.

Science Institute of the Academy of Sciences
World Labor Movement Institute
June 7
th, 1971



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