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September 23, 1956


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    The Korean Workers' Party Central Committee decides to rehabilitate those accused of planning a conspiracy against Kim Il Sung.
    "Resolution of the Plenum of the Korean Workers' Party," September 23, 1956, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, GARF, Fond 5446, Opis 98, Delo 721, Listy 44-45. Translated by Gary Goldberg.
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of the Plenum of the Korean Worker's Party

23 September 1956

concerning amending the resolution about imposing Party punishments on Cdes. Choe Chang-ik, Yun Kong-hum, Se [SIC] Hwi, Ri Pil-gyu, and Pak Chang-ok.

The resolution concerning the imposition of Party punishments on Cdes. Choe Chang-ik, Yun Kong-hum, Se [SIC] Hwi, Ri Pil-gyu, and Pak Chang-ok adopted at the August CC Party plenum was reconsidered at this plenum.

Undoubtedly the mistakes made by the above comrades were serious.

However, this plenum thinks that proper seriousness was not exhibited during consideration of the issue affecting these comrades at the August plenum and the approach to the solution of the problems was simplistic. Thus, a patient effort directed at correcting the comrades who made the mistakes through education was insufficiently exhibited.

Guided by a sincere desire to further strengthen ideological unity inside the Party and considering it necessary to concentrate all the consolidated forces of our Party on the accomplishment of pressing revolutionary tasks, this plenum thinks, in spite of the entire seriousness of the mistakes they made, that magnanimity is to be shown toward these comrades in order to provide them with an opportunity to think it over and eliminate the mistakes they have made. It decrees [the following] in order that they set out on the right path for the purpose of their further education:

1. Restore Cdes. Choe Chang-ik and Pak Chang-ok to membership in the Party Central Committee.

2. Restore Party life to Cdes. Yun Kong-hum, Se [SIC] Hwi, and Ri Pil-gyu.

All Party organizations should consistently carry out the tasks raised in the resolution, "Concerning the Report of the Work of the Government Delegation Which Visited Fraternal Countries, and Concerning Some of the Immediate Tasks of Our Party", adopted at the August plenum, and should especially pay serious Party attention to correcting the mistakes of the comrades with patient educational work and by persuading them.

At the same time an atmosphere should be created which promotes more lively, organized discussions of issues which arise in Party life, and even if some incorrect issues are raised, then come to the correct conclusions by finding the truth and the broad development of discussion and criticism without resorting to organizational and administrative methods.

Party organizations should consistently launch a struggle to further expand and develop intra-Party democracy, and increase criticism and self-criticism inside the Party, especially criticism from below. All Party organizations should further strengthen the unity and combat efficiency of the Party, increasing the activity and initiative of the Party masses comprehensively.

the CC of the Korean Worker's Party


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