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September 25, 1965


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    6th report on the visit of the Atomic Energy Group of the Indonesian Economic Delegation. Describes the group's visit to China's No. 1 Institute of Atomic Energy Research. Report goes on to relate questions raised by group members about atomic energy related organizations in China, and describes the screening of a documentary on the first successful explosion of a Chinese atomic bomb.
    "National Science Committee, Briefings on Receiving Foreign Guests, No. 6," September 25, 1965, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 105-01323-02. Obtained and translated by Taomo Zhou.
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Briefings on the visit of the Atomic Energy Group of the Indonesian Economic Delegation

1. Visit to the No. 1 Institute of Atomic Energy Research

On 24 September the Atomic Energy Group visited the No.1 Institute of Atomic Energy Research. The vice chief of the institute, Zhang Wenyu, accompanied the group for a visit to the electrostatic nuclear accelerator, the electron linear accelerator, atomic-beam instruments and etc. One group member requested information on the most recent development of our NMR [nuclear magnetic resonance] studies, and we plan to give him the papers presented at the science conference last year in Beijing.

2. The group members wanted to find out the structure of atomic energy related organizations in China.  After visiting the No. 1 Institute of Atomic Energy Research, the foreign guests asked whether China has a special committee for the management of atomic energy. They also asked about the affiliation of the atomic energy institute, the relations between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Science Committee, whether the Ministry of Defense has its own research institute on atomic energy and the relations between the Ministry of Defense and the No. 1 Institute of Atomic Energy Research.

3. Upon the request of the atomic energy group, the office that takes charge of their visit screened the documentary titled “The Successful Explosion of the First Atomic Bomb of Our Country [China].” One of the group members said, if Indonesia had its own atomic bomb, the American imperialists wouldn’t dare to invade. He also said that they would not accept aid from the United States, because American aid is always conditional, since the United States always wants to control other countries. He also expressed that the United States is the common enemy of our two countries, and the common enemy of the peoples all around the world.