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September 15, 1982


This document was made possible with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY)

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    The document discusses the number of foreigners who visited the Ukrainian SSR, rumored military training of OUN fighters in Southern England, the suspected murder of a Soviet ship captain in international waters, and a Unit 1 reactor accident at Chernobyl in 1982.
    "Chair of the Committee of State Security [KGB] of the Ukrainian SSR to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, 'Informational Message for 14 September 1982'," September 15, 1982, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, HDA SBU, f. 16, spr. 1097. Originally published by the Center for Research into the Liberation Movement (TsDVR) together with the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at
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[Letterhead: Committee of State Security (ie KGB) of the Ukrainian SSR, written in both Russian and Ukrainian]

15 September, 1982


Secret [crossed out by hand and “not secret” in Ukrainian is inserted]

Copy # 1



For 14 September, 1982

As of September 14th, there were 17,184 foreigners on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR from capitalist and developing countries:

-Diplomats accredited in the USSR: 6

In Kiev: F. Kramer, Secretary-Archivist of the Swedish Embassy, en route from abroad to Moscow;

In Kharkov: 3 (military attaché and embassy employee of the FRG G. Eichler [due to Russian transliteration conventions, this may also be “H.,” the same is true in following names with the “G.” initial], G. Barakling, and F. Haidgen – since September 14 of this year, surveillance trip, arrives on the 15th of September in Kiev;

In Odessa: 2 (military attaché of the U.S.A. Embassy Ch. Hamm and his assistant M. Peters, since the 14th of September of this year, surveillance trip, arrives on the 16th of September in Moscow);

-Tourists: 3,202


In Yalta: 1999, Kiev: 748, Lvov: 192, Odessa: 176, Kharkov: 34, Donetsk: 28, Other cities: 25. From the USA: 78, England: 694, FRG: 770, France: 180, Canada: 146, Other NATO countries: 307, from other countries: 1,027;


-Foreign specialists: 133, including those from the U.S.A.: 10 (in the city of Kostopol, which is in Rovno Oblast)


In Kiev Oblast: 29, Donetsk Oblast: 18, Kharkov Oblast: 15, Rovno Oblast: 10, Sumy Oblast: 10, Voroshilogradsk [i.e. contemporary Lugansk] Oblast: 8, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast: 8, other Oblasts: 35;


-Post-graduate students, trainees, undergraduate students, and professional degree-seekers: 10,131


In Kiev: 2,319, Odessa: 1,700, Kharkov: 1,274, Donetsk: 1,114, Lvov: 1,047, Zaporozhe: 902, Simferopol: 389, other cities: 1,386;


-Those who are here for private business: 361


In Kiev Oblast: 64, Donetsk Oblast: 28, Crimea Oblast: 27, Odessa Oblast: 26, Kherson Oblast: 23, Lvov Oblast: 22, other Oblasts: 171;


-From other categories: 2,906 persons;


There were 13 ships from capitalist and developing countries in the Odessa, Ilichevsk, Iuzhniy, and Berdiansk ports with crews of 445 persons, out of which there were: five ships from India: 261 persons, two ships from Greece: 52 persons, one ship from Liberia: 29 persons, one ship from Algeria: 27 persons, one ship from Panama: 26 persons, one ship from Turkey: 20 persons, one ship from Norway: 19 persons, one from France: 11 persons.


There were also 14,693 citizens of Socialist countries on the territory of Ukraine (from the PPR [the Polish People’s Republic]: 2,034 – specialists: 1,547, grade school students: 379, private business persons: 108), of whom 5,807 are post-graduate students, trainees, undergraduate students, or professional degree-seekers.


About the OUN militarized camps in England


It was reported earlier about the OUN’s [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] training abroad in the USA, FRG, and Canada in special militarized camps of “fighting groups,” whose members are from nationalist youth associations, with the goal of using them for subversive action against the USSR and other socialist countries (# 270/sv from September 22nd, 1981 and #220/sv from August 9th, 1982).


According to intelligence information obtained by the Ukr. SSR KGB, in the region of the cities of Oldham and Chidd Infold [Chiddingfield, sic] (England) two Banderite camps are functioning, and are also engaged in the training of “fighters.” The English army troops deployed here (approximately 80 km to the south of London) give them access to training centers, and also provide instructors. The trainees are equipped with British armed forces uniforms and armed with light firearms. The training of “fighters” in the camps indicated, according to the schemes of OUN ringleaders, could be used in “crisis situations” on the border of the USSR, to conduct individual terrorist actions, and also to provide help to Afghan counterrevolutionaries.


The Ukr. SSR KGB is taking measures through its operative capabilities to determine the schemes of the OUN ringleaders to use the “fighter” trainees in these camps with the goal of suppressing their subversive activities.


The USSR KGB is aware.


Occurrences on board ships located in foreign waters


According to communication from the Azov marine line, on the 14th of September, 1982, at 9:15, as he was leaving the Mediterranean Sea and entering the Bay of Otranto, 46 km from the coast of Italy, the captain of the “Sabirabad” motor ship (registered to the port of Zhdanov [i.e. present-day Mariupol]) went missing, along with the containers on board from the port of Poti to Porto-Nigaro (Italy),

A. I. Levchenko, born in 1938, member of the CPSU, in the position of captain since 1976, married, resident of the city of Zhdanov

According to the examination of ship’s crewmembers, the last time he was seen was around 5 o’clock in the morning. Bloodstains were found in an inspection of the ship in the area of the stern. According to a statement from the ship’s doctor, Levchenko’s health on the 13th of September was satisfactory. The ship reversed course with the goal of searching for the captain. The responsibility of acting captain was placed on the first mate V.A. Luk’ianov.

A. I. Levchenko set off on the international voyage in 1962. The Ukrainian KGB is not aware of any compromising information on him or his family members.

Measures to investigate the circumstances and causes of this occurrence have been taken by the Administration of the KGB through its operative capabilities.

The KGB of the USSR and the Donetsk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine have been informed.

Threat to an official

Kirovograd region

On September 14, 1982 an anonymous letter was handed over to the Svetlovodsk city department of the KGB from the Onufrievsk District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, which arrived there on the 12th of September this year. In it demands are expressed to immediately release from his position the chair of the “Druzhba” local agricultural collective, V.I. Rybachuk, birth date 1951, member of the CPSU. The letter contains threats to “drive him to death” using blackmail, and commit arson by burning haystacks. The text mentions allegations that Rybachuk misused his position, committed assault and battery, and crude acts in relation to the members of the collective.

It has been established that in August of this year threats of physical reprisals were addressed to Rybachuk by telephone.

The District Committee describes Rybachuk’s character positively.

Measures have been taken by the KGB Administration to establish the author of the anonymous letter.

The District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine is aware.

Accident in factory

Kirovograd region

On the 13th of September, 1982, at 20.45, at the furnace unit of the Dolinsk Ukr. SSR Ministry of Foodstuff Industry sugar factory (community of Molodezhniy), a large quantity of the furnace’s lime burden, which had been heated to 600 degrees C, poured out of a perforation in the discharge notch (overall in the furnace there were 250 tons). The worker who made the perforation, V.Ia. Zaliv was buried. His date of birth was 1940, he had no Party affiliation, and he had two children as dependents.

Work is being conducted to clean the premises from the lime and search for the remains of the victim. The restoration of work is planned by the 20th of September.

As a result of the accident the production of the enterprise (650 tons of sugar a day) was reduced by a factor of half.

An investigation is being conducted by the appropriate commission with the participation of the KGB Administration. The environmental conditions among the workers of the factory (around 1,000 persons) is normal.

The Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine is aware.

About the consequences of an accident at the atomic energy station

Kiev region

Report # 248/sv described the fall of a radioactive isotope on the 14th of September, 1982 on a graphite surface as a result of an accident in the reactor of the first energy block at the Chernobyl atomic energy station.

According to information from the Department of Labor Safety and Atomic Energy Station Radioactive Safety, as of the morning of the 14th of September an increase in the level of gamma radiation had taken place in the unused premises of the reactor’s gas circuit and drainage systems of up to 1,000 microroentgens a second, which exceeds the allowable limits by 100 times. Furthermore, as a consequence of the ejection of radioactive steam through the ventilation pipe at a time when it was raining the local radioactive contamination of the territory is about 250 meters (the level of radiation is 0.01-0.02 microrems a second, which is significantly lower than the allowable standard).

As a result of the measures taken (rinsing the contaminated areas with water and burying them with earth and leaves), by 20.00 of the same day the level of radiation lowered to the standard. The situation at the atomic energy station and the city of Pripyat is normal and being controlled by the KGB Administration.

The KGB Administration is performing operations to prevent the spread of panic, provocative rumors and other negative incidents in connection with this occurrence.

The USSR KGB is informed.




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