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'Agreement Between the Government of [Nation] and the International Atomic Energy Agency about the Application of Safeguards in Accordance with the NPT'

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This agreement details the responsibilities of governments party to the NPT and the IAEA in accordance with the Treaty, including transparent and prompt notifications to the IAEA about any nuclear materials, facilities, and transfers of nuclear materials within a state's territory. Transparency about nuclear materials is reciprocal, with the NPT obligating the IAEA to send an inventory list to the governments every 12 months or upon request. Additionally, this document details safeguard procedures, including IAEA inspections (and the responsibility of governments to provide inspectors with the necessary visas). This document also states that the present agreement will be in force indefinitely, and a state can cease to abide by its terms if it ceases to be a participant in the NPT per Article X on the right of states to withdraw.


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Sokhraniaia nasledie: Initsiativa gosudarstv-depozitariev v sviazi s 50-letiem vstupleniia DNIaO v silu [Preserving the Legacy: A Depository-hosted Initiative on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the NPT's Entry into Force] (Moscow: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2020): 42-52


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