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November 21, 1957

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, 'Egyptian Newspaper Carries Its Correspondent’s Report on the Conversation between Amer and Chairman Mao'

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Egyptian Newspaper Carries Its Correspondent’s [Report on] the Conversation between [Egyptian Minister of National Defense Abdel Hakim] Amer and Chairman Mao Zedong at the Kremlin Reception


Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


On the 21st, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram published an article by its reporter, [Mohamed Hassanein] Heikal, (accompanying Egyptian Minister of National Defense [Abdel Hakim] Amer on a visit to the Soviet Union) regarding Amer’s visit to the Soviet Union.  It refers, inter alia, to Amer’s conversation with Chairman Mao during a Kremlin reception.  A translation follows:


Chairman Mao said:  “Please tell [President Abdul Gamal] Nasser that I want to see him, and I admire the struggle that he has engaged in and his steadfast position on behalf of Egyptian independence and freedom.  I like all peoples who are devoted to their freedom.”  Amer replied:  “Please allow me to thank you for providing assistance to us at a time when Egypt was in a difficult struggle.”  The Chairman said:  “Please don’t mention this.  You are my brother.  Look, I am very happy to see that Egypt has such a young minister of national defense as you.  Only youthful talent has enough energy to deal with modern military affairs.”  The Chairman stopped for a moment and then said:  “The General [i.e., Amer] must do everything in your power to prepare and train your soldiers.  They (obviously indicating the West) will not let up the pressure on you.  Do not imagine that (the West) will abandon their aggression against you.”  Special report.


[Chinese] Embassy to Egypt

21 November [1957]





An Egyptian reporter published an article on National Defense Minister Amer's visit to the Soviet Union. There he thanked Mao for China's support during Egypts struggle for independence.

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PRC FMA 107-00243-08. Obtained by Sergey Radchenko and translated by Neil Silver.


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