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August 3, 1985

Cable No. 646, Ambassador Kato to the Foreign Minister, 'Problem of the Release of the American Hostages'

Number: R106138


Primary: Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau Director-General


Sent: Syria, August 03, 1985, 13:36


Received: MOFA, August 03, 1985, 19:43


To: Foreign Minister    

From: Ambassador Kato


Problem of the Release of the American Hostages


No. 646 Secret Top Urgent


(Limited Distribution)


Re: Your Telegram, Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau Director-General’s Telegram No. 11094


On the 3rd, I called on Cabinet Director of the Foreign Minister Muallem, notifying him of the schedule of Special Envoy Nakayama’s visit to Syria, informing him that Assistant Director Karube would be accompanying him, and, again, requesting to set appointments for the visit. The other side’s response was as follows:


1. Concerning the situation of Special Envoy Nakayama visiting from the 10th to the 12th with the objective of meeting with President Assad and Foreign Minister Shara, I am well aware of it. I have received a report from Ambassador Atassi in Tokyo as well.


2.  The other day, our Foreign Ministry sent a telegram to Ambassador Atassi in Tokyo for him to inform the Japanese side that “the Syrian Government welcomes the visit to our country of Special Envoy Nakayama.” As for setting appointments, I think there will be no particular problem.


Passed to United States. (End)


A telegram from Ambassador Kato of Japan to the Foreign Minister of Japan preparing for Special Envoy Nakayama’s visit to Syria.

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Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, File No. 2017-0631. Translated by Stephen Mercado.


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