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November 1963

Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair Scheduled to Be Held in Mexico City December 1963



To: Director

From: Mexico City

Action: [illegible]

Info: […]


Secret 211958z

Nov 21 2227z 63 [illegible]


Dir Info [illegible] (via pouch) cite Mexi 6994

Ref Mexi 6633 (In 46316)



Supdata source lifter from [redacted] econ officer Hefinch is in conteact with employee of Guillermo Nasser’s firm, Compensacion Internacional, which fronting for Chinese in setting up trade fair. Nasser employee said 16 Nov that date of fair still not set, probably would start late Dec or early Jan. Employee has not contacted [illegible] officer since, econ officer assumes he will when exact dates set. [illegible] Filed 212017z


Report Class[:] Secret [illegible] Mexico/Communist China

Subject[:] Projected dates of Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair

DOI [Date of Information][:] 15 Nov 63, PADA Mexico Mexico City 19 Nov 63

Source[:] Member(s) of the PPS and SMACP




Information Report

Central Intelligence Agency




Country: Mexico[,] China

Report No.: TCDS-[illegible]

Subject: Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair Scheduled to Be Held in Mexico City, December 1963

Date Distr: 22 November

Date of Info: 15 November 1963

Precedence: [illegible]

Place & Date Acq: Mexico, Mexico City (19 November 1963)

References: [illegible]

Appraisal: 3

Field Report No: [illegible]

This is UNEVALUATED information…

Source: Member(s) of the PPS and SMACP



1.Luis Torres Ordonez, President for 1963 and 1964 of the Sociedad Mexicana de Amistad con China Popular (SMACP – Mexican Society of Friendship with People’s China), cultural [illegible] organization in Mexico, said that the Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair which is to be held in Mexico City will open on 3 December 1963 and is scheduled to close on or about 17 December 1963.

2. Torres also said that the SMACP has asked Vicente Lombardo Toledano, Secretary-General of the Partico Popular Socialista (PPS- Popular Socialist Party), to see if Adolfo Lopez Mateos, President of Mexico, would be available to inaugurate the trade fair. Torres said that he was sure President Lopez would comply with this request.

3. (Field Comment. Earlier reports said that the Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair would be held at the [illegible] grounds either the last half of November or the first half of December 1963)

4. Field Dissem: State, FBI, CINCSO, CINCPAC, [illegible], PACAP, PACFLT.

An "information report" from a CIA officer in Mexico City concerning the possible opening of an Chinese Communist industrial trade fair.

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