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The Closing Decree of the KWP Central Committee’s 6th Congress

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: The Korean Worker’s Party’s 6th Congress


The closing decree of the KWP Central Committee’s 6th Congress
(Point number 4 – foreign policy)


Under the wise guidance of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, our party was conducting a correct foreign policy in the reported period, actively expanded its foreign affairs, and achieved great successes in areas of international relations.


On the international stage, our party fought against imperialism dedicatedly, supported the national liberation battle, and stood up against all kinds of dominationist forces, thus sheltering the independence of nations around the world. It fought strongly to reinforce unity among the socialist countries and to improve the labor movement; fortified the international position of our country, and the international solidarity towards our revolution.


Nowadays the people of the world know our nation as the “Nation of Juche” that became the giant battle flag of the Juche ideology for peoples around the world fighting for independence. Our nation established diplomatic relations with 66 countries in the reported period, and expanded, enhanced the economic and cultural exchange and collaboration with a number of countries of the world. The number of supporters and sympathizers of our nation’s revolutionary cause have increased in an unprecedented manner, the active solidarity movement for the unification of Korea was expanded worldwide.


The congress unanimously acknowledged that the foreign policy of our party in the reported period was correct, and expressed its great appreciation over the successes that were accomplished regarding international relations.


The Great Leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung, scientifically analyzed, assessed the current complex and tense international situation in his report, and gave general versatile answers based on this analysis for the issues regarding the fortification of international revolutionary forces, and the important tasks awaiting the world revolution.


The congress fully agreed with the Great Leader’s, Kim Il Sung’s, assessment of the international circumstances and acknowledged in unison that the direction marked by the Great Leader is the strategic direction for fortifying the unity among the anti-imperialist independent forces, expanding and developing the Non-Aligned Movement, and illuminating the road of the world revolution in today’s era.


The peculiarity of the international situation in the current circumstances is that the anti-imperialist, revolutionary fight for independence is intensifying, but at the same time, the aggressive, engulfing activity of the superpowers towards maintaining and expanding the spheres of influences is further intensifying as well.


The imperialists and dominationists who fear the amplification of the revolutionary fight of the progressive nations are using evil means to hinder the battle of the people for national independence, and the building of a new society on one hand, and intensely fighting to put new, liberated states under dependency again, thus expanding their sphere of interests on the other.



As a result of the dominationist forces’ attempts on putting the new, liberated states into a renewed dependent situation, their efforts on acquiring important raw material resources, military, and strategic areas, peace and security have been disrupted nowadays in many areas of the world, and the possible threat of a new world war is getting increasingly higher.

The current political situation desperately requires the pacifist nations of the world to determinedly take up arms to extinguish the danger of a new world war, and to protect the peace and security of the world.


The Great Leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung taught the followings:


“We have to oppose the aggressive and war policies of the imperialist and dominationist forces, and fortify the unity of the anti-imperialist forces in order to defend the world peace and security.”


All developing countries must preserve their independence to strengthen the anti-imperialist forces. The developing countries should firmly reject all interferences of external forces, should not brown-nose the dominationists, and should not interfere with the internal affairs of other countries.


In order for the anti-imperialist forces to firmly stand united, the developing countries must retain their independence while adhering to their principles against the imperialist forces. The socialist countries, the members of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the developing countries must not nourish any illusions towards the imperialists, must not make any unprincipled compromises, and most importantly, they must not betray the fundamental interests of the revolution, the interests of other countries under no circumstances. The developing countries must consistently expose and condemn the aggressive war policies of the imperialists, must provide support and solidarity towards each other, and must wage the battle together.


The Non-Aligned Movement is a progressive movement that stands against all sorts of domination and dependency, a revolutionary force of our era that fights for independence and confronts the imperialists.


The congress asserted that in the current age, further expanding and developing the Non-Aligned Movement plays an important role in the fight against the imperialism and dominationism, and in building a new, independent world.


In order to further expand and develop the Non-Aligned Movement, all members of the Non-Aligned Movement must consistently abide by the fundamental principles of the Non-Aligned Movement that state that they cannot join to any military blocs and have to retain their independence. The members of the Non-Aligned Movement must not join to any blocs, must not follow them, create a tear or form blocs inside the Non-Aligned Movement.


The member states of the Non-Aligned Movement should abide by the principles of full equality and non-interference with internal affairs, should bolster unity and cooperation. The members of the Non-Aligned Movement should not display privileged behavior inside the Non-Aligned Movement, should not slander other member states of the Non-Aligned Movement or interfere with their internal affairs. The member states of the Non-Aligned Movement must not wage war against or collide with each other because of activities of the dominationist forces inciting discord; they must collaborate closely in economic and technological areas.


The old order of privileged rights and autocracy of the superpowers must be eradicated in both fields of international economy and politics. The developing countries must actively participate on the international stage in the fight for ending the imperialist autocracy, and for transforming all irrational international organizations into true pacifist and progressive organizations that protect and serve the interests of the nations around the world.


Nowadays, it is of utmost importance in developing the world revolution to realize the unity and integrity of the socialist forces and the international communist movement. The socialist countries, communist parties, and labor movements have to overcome their differences in their opinions, encourage finding the common traits, and realize unity, whereas they should not create discord or hinder unity between sister parties, and brother nations.


The Great Leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung, has again declared the new foreign policy of our party in his report concerning the work of the Central Committee.


The Great Leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung, taught the following:


“Just as in the past as well, our party firmly stands up for independence in its foreign affairs policy activities, further improves the friendly and cooperative relations with many countries of the world and actively advocates them to support world peace and security. Independence, friendship, peace: these are the main principles of our party’s foreign policy.”


The congress fully and unanimously supported the foreign policy program marked by our Great Leader, Kim Il Sung, expressed its determined resolution to actively expand its foreign policy in the spirit of this program, and accomplish it in its entirety.


The Korean Worker’s Party, while holding high the flag of the Juche ideology, is following a foreign policy of its own. Our party works out its foreign policy according to the situation of our nation and for the benefit of our people, and conducting it based on its own opinions and convictions. We do not tolerate the infringement of our sovereign rights and national interests by external forces; we do not follow others. Furthermore, we respect the national dignity and sovereignty of other countries, therefore we abide by the principles of the Non-Aligned Movement, interiorize its ideologies and consistently conduct the policies of the Non-Aligned Movement.


The Korean Worker’s Party encourages improving friendly relations with all countries that respect our nation’s sovereignty. Our party will further fortify the unity between socialist countries even more, further develop the relations of friendship and cooperation with the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the third world countries in all areas of politics, economics, and cultural life. Our party will establish friendly connections, improve economic and cultural exchanges with the capitalist countries as well that approach our nation with friendship. We intend to have good relations with the United States as well, given that they withdraw their army from South Korea, and cease to obstruct the unification of our country. Our party and the government of the Republic encourages establishing neighborly relations especially with geographically close countries.


In our fight for lasting world peace and security, we will consistently go through with the foreign affairs policy of our party.


Our party is definitively fighting to obstruct and thwart the ever increasing aggressive and military activities of the imperialists, and to prevent the arms race and achieve complete disarmament.


Our party strongly believes that along with the imperialist aggressive military bloc, all military blocs should be dissolved; foreign military base operations in South Korea, and everywhere in the world should be discontinued and foreign aggression troops should be withdrawn by all means. Our party encourages transforming the Korean peninsula into a nuclear-free, peaceful region, and actively supports the fight of the peoples of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe for creating nuclear-free, peaceful regions.


In order to ensure the peace and safety of the world, it is imperative to resolve the conflicts between developing countries in a peaceful manner. Our party believes that the conflicts between developing countries should be resolved through negotiations according to the interests of the parties involved and the peace of the world. Regarding the conflict itself between the developing countries, our party will not take sides or approach any of the parties involved with neither supportive nor hostile attitudes, and will keep to the principle of actively supporting the resolution of the conflict between the involved parties via negotiations according to their mutual interests.


The Korean Worker’s Party actively supports the fight of the working class of capitalist countries and all oppressed nations around the world against capitalist exploitation, oppression; supports the fight for life sustainment and democratic freedom rights. Our party actively supports the rightful fight of the peoples of Palestine, the Middle East, and South Africa, has firm solidarity in the anti-imperialist fights for independence with the nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


The Korean Worker’s Party and the Korean nation is strongly fighting under the flag of anti-imperialist independence in tight unity alongside the socialist countries, member states of the Non-Aligned Movement, and all of the progressive nations around the world for creating a new, independent, peaceful world without all sorts of oppression and dependencies.


The KWP Central Committee plan and declaration of fortifying the unity among the anti-imperialist independent forces and expanding and developing the Non-Aligned Movement

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MNL OL XIV-J-1-j Korea 25-001140/1980.Obtained by North Korean Materials Archive, IFES, Kyungnam University, and translated by Imre Májer.


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