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August 15, 1980

Congressman Solarz's Talks in North Korea

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In his National Security Council memorandum to Brzezinski, Donald Gregg notes that Kim Il Sung appears conciliatory toward the South during his conversation with Solarz. Gregg then makes recommendations on how the US and South Korea should respond.

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August 4, 1980

Records of Conversation between Congressman Stephen J. Solarz and Kim Il Sung and Kim Yong-nam

In this lengthy transcript of discussions between Stephen Solarz and Kim Il Sung, Solarz poses questions about prospects for Korea's unification, exchanges between North and South Korea, and exchanges between North Korea and the U.S. In his response, Kim emphasizes the DPRK's views regarding the necessary preconditions for unification and increased cooperation between the two Koreas. Later, Kim Yong Nam continues to elaborate to Solarz on the North Korean perspective of unification and the role of the international community in perpetrating division.

September 3, 1980

Congressman Solarz's Talks in North Korea

Donald Gregg informs Brzezinski that Congressman Solarz had not forwarded the transcript of his conversations with Kim Il Sung and Kim Young Nam to South Korea.

March 17, 1980

Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

This note discusses Congressman Solarz's potential visit to North Korea.

March 17, 1980

Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

The note recounts a discussion with the South Korean Ambassador regarding Congressman Solarz's intention to visit North Korea.

March 10, 1980

Congressman Solarz Visit to North Korea

The Department of State notes that the ROK media reported LDP Diet member Mihara's decision not to go to Pyongyang, heightening the visibility and sensitivity of a visit by Congressman Solarz to the DPRK.

March 10, 1980

The North-South Dialogue and Potential Codel Visit to North Korea

Assistant Secretary Holbrooke informs the American Embassy in Seoul that Ambassador Kim Yong-sik and the ROK are extremely upset by Congressman Solarz's intent to go to Pyongyang. He emphasizes that Solarz is aware of US policy toward North Korea and would not carry a message from the US during his visit.

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Jimmy Carter Library, Carter White House Central Files, White House Central Files Subject File, CO-41, CO-82 Executive 12077-12081. Obtained for NKIDP by Charles Kraus.


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