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January 1, 1971

The Democratic National Front, The Army of Occupied Dhufar, Oman and the Arab Gulf, Military Bureau, 'The Truth of the Political Arrests in Muscat'

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The Democratic National Front


The Army of Occupied Dhufar, Oman and the Arab Gulf


Military Bureau


Internal Transmit


Urgent and Confidential


Aden 1-1-1971


The truth of the political arrests in Muscat


We’re informing you that a number of our comrades in the military leadership have been arrested.  We are issuing an ultimatum to speed their release.


There have been multiple arrests by the British Intelligence Service in Muscat, Nazwa, Masrah and other cities, as well as in Jabal Akhdar.


This was the result of treason.  The Intelligence Service was able to arrest leading comrades in the Secret Military Bureau.  So far, None has admitted to being members of the Bureau, but instead admitted to being sympathizers of our Front, which was agreed on prior [to the arrest].


We are putting forward this information in order to avoid confusion.


The arrested members of the Military Bureau are the following:


Ahmad Hmaidan                                      Died due to torture
Ahmad Al-Rubii                                      Nasir Mansour
Yehia Al-Ghassani                                      Muhammed Ahmad Al- Battashi
Suleiman Seif                                      Suleiman Sayid Al-Hilali
Masoud Hamad Al-Salimi                                      Ibrahim Al-Iyari
Ali Suleiman Abdul-Karim
Rashid Abdulla SalimSalim Ahmad Nasir Naasir –
Issa Addulla Ali Salih


                                                                                                                Aden 1-1-1971

                                                                                                               Democratic National Front





Several military leaders from the Democratic National Front have been arrested by the British Intelligence Service in multiple locations as a result of treason.


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