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June 10, 1944

Harriman's brief impressions on Stalin Meeting



Conversation             June 10, 1944

The Kremlin



Present: The American Ambassador, Mr. Harriman

 Marshal Stalin

 Mr. Molotov


 Mr. Page, Second Secretary of Embassy

 Mr. Pavlov, Secretary to Mr. Molotov



Subject: Message from the President


I said that the President had asked me to pay to Marshal Stalin his respects and to say that he was very gratified at the progress which had been made in all aspects of Soviet-American relations. The Marshal replied that he also was gratified and that “We are going along a good road.”


The entire conversation, which is described in a series of seven memoranda*, lasted about two hours. The Marshal looked well but appeared tired before the talk was over.




*Subjects: Message from the President.

     Future meeting between the President

and Marshal Stalin.

    The Military Situation.

     Shuttle Bombing Bases.


     The Far East.



[Copy illegible State

No copy to Embassy





Harriman briefs the President on his impressions of a meeting with Stalin. Seven specific memos to follow.

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Container # 172, W. Averell Harriman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C

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