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July 10, 1975

Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Report, Military cooperation between Uganda and North Korea.

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On 26 May-3 June 1975, a military delegation of the Republic of Uganda—headed by Major General Mustafa Adrisi, the chief of the general staff—visited the DPRK.  


The delegation visited several military units and defense factories, and its leader was received by DPRK Vice-President Kang Ryang-uk, to whom Mustafa A. [sic] handed over the personal letter that the president of the Republic of Uganda [Idi Amin Dada] had sent to Kim Il Sung. Kang Ryang-uk honored the head and members of the delegation with awards and medals.


Soviet diplomats informed an official of our embassy [Dr. László Eperjesi] about the main results of the visit of the Ugandan military government delegation. They signed three agreements:


  1. Uganda requested that in the future, 30-40 [Ugandan] persons be allowed to study at the military academy of the DPK for 2-3 years. The government of the DPRK fulfilled the request, and thus it can be expected that the first group of Ugandan soldiers will soon arrive.


  1. Uganda asked the DPRK to provide it with arms. The DPRK fulfilled this request, too, on condition that it would transport the requested arms via Tanzania.


  1. Uganda asked the DPRK to investigate whether it might be able to build a defense factory in Uganda, and invited a group of Korean [military] experts to visit Uganda, where they could carry out an on-the-spot investigation about the possibilities of fulfilling the request. The DPRK promised to dispatch its experts.


The military cooperation between the two countries has been going on for several years; it has undergone a particular intensification after a high-ranking Ugandan military delegation participated in the celebrations that were held in Pyongyang in April 1972.


 Dr. János Taraba

Chargé d’affaires ad interim


Taraba reports military relations between North Korea and Uganda as a military delegation inspects military units in the Ugandan Army.


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MOL, XIX-J-1-j Uganda, 1975, 135. doboz, 156-4, 004629/1975. Translated for NKIDP by Balazs Szalontai.


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