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January 15, 1988

Information Note on a Visit by Soviet Olympic Committee President Gramow to Munich

für Destschland
Der Präsident

Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch
President of the
International Olympic Committee
Chateau de Vidy

CH-1007 Lausanne

Helene-Mayer- Ring 31
D- 8000 München 40
January 15th, 1988

Dear Mr. President,

Mr. Daume is travelling and phoned to dictate the following report, which I send you immediately in order not to lose any time. Mr. Daume asked me to convey to you his best regards.

Sincerely yours

Dagmar Carra
Secretary to Mr. Daume


January 15th, 1988


The Minister of Sports and President of the NOC of the USSR, MR. Gramow, came to see us last week for three days. In Munich he made a detailed sightseeing-tour visiting all Olympic revenues. Mr. Daume gave an official dinner in honour of him.

Mr. Gramow made very favourable remarks about the development of international Olympic relations and assumed this was due to the meeting of Mr. Reagan and Mr. Gorbaschow. He also gave a press conference, in which he declared that he was going to suggest to the meeting of the NOC of the German Democratic Republic, which took place a few days later, that the Soviet Union would at any rate take part in the Seoul Games. Being asked what his country would do in case North Korea did not take part he answered that North Korea’s participation was exclusively the problem of the IOC and the North Korean NOC and would not influence the attitude of the Soviet Union. He said he appreciated the patience of the IOC, who had made many offers worthwhile being discussed. In the meantime it is known that the NOC of the USSR made the decision announced by Mr. Gramow.

Mr. Daume had the impression that Mr. Gramow would not object to take over Mr. Andrianov’s seat in the IOC after his retirement. He did not definitely say that, but he mentioned that those personalities that had been considered – like e.g. the dressage rider Mrs. Jeleny Petuschkowa – would no longer be possible.

Furthermore the sporting relationships between the Federal Republic of Germany and the USSR have developed in a very favourable way recently. Mr. Gramow and Mr. Daume planned to meet again on the occasion of the next European Football Cup, possibly at the final match in Munich. And Mr. Daume counts on you to come, as well, particularly as the Spanish team will probably play an important part in these matches. Mr. Daume will send you the invitation in good time.

Report submitted to IOC President Samaranch describing a visit to by Soviet Olympic Committee President Gramow to Munich. Gramow remarked that North Korea's decision on participating the upcoming 1988 Summer Olympics would have no influence on the attitude of the Soviet Union. Gramow also commented that sporting relations between the USSR and Germany were developing positively.

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International Olympic Committee Archives (Switzerland), SEOUL’ 88, POLITICAL MATTERS 1988-89; SEOUL ’88/ POLITIQUE (JANVIER – JUILLET). Obtained for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.


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