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The Iraqi Communist Party – Foreign Organization

This document was made possible with support from Youmna and Tony Asseily



The Iraqi Communist Party – Foreign Organization


On Jul 20th, 1970, it was announced in East Germany that an Iraqi Leftist Revolutionary Front was established called,

Iraqi Revolutionary Front in Germany, which is an organization as part of the Iraqi Communist Party.  This Front had issued a statement distributed to all Iraqi students abroad.


In Nov, 1970, a statement was issued in Baghdad and other cities and villages in the name of the Iraqi Revolutionaries Front – Domestic Organization, signed by:


Iraqi communists
Progressive National Baath – in support of Syria
Progressive Nationalist Arabs
Progressive Kurdish citizens
A gathering of Baghdad University Students
A gathering of progressive workers
A gathering of progressive farmers
A gathering of Progressive Nassiris – the Socialist Union


The statement says that was distributed in large numbers in complete secrecy said that:


We call on all revolutionary progressive elements to form an Iraqi political revolutionary front in the Republic of Iraq to unite the efforts and coordinate the fruitful effort to a higher level of organization and commitment to the highest level of democracy possible.  This revolutionary front will be a place for intellectual interaction and to practice productive political activity.


We propose – the Front for Revolutionary Iraqis in Iraq as the name for this gathering and that this front be open to whomever believes in the strategy of the movement.


We think that the dispute inside the socialist camp makes it necessary that it not remain an obstacle in the path of effective assistance to national liberation movements and forcing diplomatic positions of socialist countries to the principle of class struggle, nationalism and proletarianism.


We call for the belief that facing international imperialist attacks calls for a broad front unified against imperialism.

Finally, the statement proposed a draft agenda for the front stating the following:


1 In terms of Iraqi politics, the full exposure of the regime and exposing its nature in order to build a broad progressive revolutionary front under the leadership of the working class, farmers and revolutionary intellectuals.


2 As for Arab politics, adopting the Arab revolutionary causes and supporting national liberation movements, especially Arab revolutions.


And supporting the Palestinian revolution and standing by the progressive side of it, currently represented by the leadership of the Ansar.


Supporting progressive rule in the United Arab Republic, Syria and Southern Yemen Republic.


On Jan. 12th, 1971, it was announced in Baghdad Talabani’s Kurdish Organization joining the front and his preparedness to declare armed struggle against the current regime as soon as they are ready by declaring war on it.


The revolutionary Iraqi republic today is the overthrow of the current regime and the new bourgeois imperialism altogether.  First.


Second Establishing a revolutionary democratic authority for the struggling masses led by working class that it allied with the poor farmers.


Third They believe that the masses are forced to mainly adopt armed struggle, revolutionary element, in addition to mass peaceful struggle in the face of the organized abuse by the ruling classes in order to achieve the strategic aim in assuming power.


Fourth They believe that the revolution in Kurdistan is bound to ignite all over as a [final] aim of total revolution in order to achieve Kurdish self-rule within a people democratic republic that adheres to Marxist-Leninist ideals and International socialism.


The Palestinian Cause


The belief in the establishment of an Arab-Jewish Democratic Palestinian State as the sole, fair solution for the abolishment of the imperialist settler Zionist entity.


Supporting the Palestinian Fedayeen effort as an advanced precedence for the long-term popular war in order to achieve it.


On the Arab and International Arenas


Belief in the strong ties between Arab and internal revolutionary forces.


We believe that the ultimate success of the revolution in undeveloped countries is possible and is ties to the working class and its allies’ - not the bourgeois - assumption of power in order to achieve revolutionary democratic tasks for the purpose of socialism.


The recently announced Iraqi Leftist Revolutionary Front releases a statement calling for a political revolutionary front and presenting an agenda for such a front.


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