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June 8, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 June 1960

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13 June 1960 2[[7]] June 1960]


[Handwritten notations:

to [[illegible name] and

G. Ye. Samsonov]




of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for the period

1 through 11 June 1960






8 June 1960


I visited Kim Il Sung and handed him a 7 June CPSU CC letter.


After familiarization with the text of the letter Kim Il Sung noted that inasmuch as there will not be a conference of the leaders of Communist and worker's Parties of the countries of the socialist camp in Bucharest, neither First Secretaries nor CC Chairmen can head the delegations to the congress of the Romanian Worker's Party.


I informed Kim Il Sung that the CPSU delegation to the third congress of the Romanian Worker's Party will be headed by N. S. Khrushchev.


There were no other statements or questions about the letter from Kim Il Sung.


After this I had a conversation with Kim Il Sung. Initially I asked about the progress of the spring field work and in particular, the transplanting of the rice seedlings.


Kim Il Sung replied that cultivation of rice seedlings had been somewhat delayed as a consequence of the unstable weather. The transplanting of the seedlings is going successfully at the present time. In the province of South Hwanghae the transplanting of the rice seedlings will be finished by 15 June; then soon afterwards the transplanting of the seedlings will be finished in the province of North Hwanghae. This year the transplanting of the seedlings will be finished considerably earlier than last year.


For my part I noted that the measures conducted this year by the KWP CC played a great role in the successful course of the field work in the field of agriculture, in particular the restructuring of Party political work, the strengthening of the managerial personnel and the dispatch to agricultural cooperatives of specialists, the restructuring of the organization and labor payments, etc.


Kim Il Sung agreed with this and added that sending 3,000 tractors and a large quantity of small farm implements to the countryside also played a great role. Then Kim Il Sung said that last year 210,000 jeongbo of winter wheat were planted throughout the republic. A harvest of 15-18 centners per jeongbo is expected. The situation with corn is also developing much better this year. Last year about 400,000 jeongbo of corn were planted (I noted that…




Kim Il Sung and Puzanov discuss agriculture in the DPRK as well as an upcoming party conference in Romania.

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AVPRF fond 0102, opis 16, delo 6, p.188-208. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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