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May 15, 1958

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 15 May 1958

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30 May 1958


[faded stamp:


11 June 1958]

[MFA Far East

Department stamp:

Incoming Nº 01579

12 June 1958]


[handwriting: "To Cdes. [[two names illegible]]

Arrange with the Main Directorate of the

Civil Air Fleet about the crew for government aircraft]



of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. PUZANOV during the

period 13 May through 29 May 1958



to Cde. Samsonov

for implementation.

N. Torbenkov]






15 May 1958


I visited Nam Il at his invitation. Nam Il reported that the representatives of the Korean Worker's Party to the 20 May conference in Moscow have been confirmed: Kim Il, Jeong Il-yong, and Ri Jeong-ok. Jeong Il-yong and Ri Jeong-ok are in Moscow at the present time.


I thanked Nam Il for the information and asked how Kim Il wishes to fly to Moscow. Then I said that on 17 May a special TU-104 aircraft will fly from Peking to Moscow on which will be the delegations of the CPC and the Worker's Party of Vietnam.  We have been informed from Moscow that if he wishes the KWP delegation can fly on the same plane. Nam Il said that he will consult with Kim Il and report (Nam Il reported by telephone that Kim Il had expressed a desire to fly to Moscow on the TU-104 from Peking and will be accompanied by four people).


Nam Il also reported that the DPRK government agrees with Glavatom's suggestion to postpone the time of the construction of an exhibit on the peaceful use of atomic energy in Pyongyang from May to September-October of this year. Nam Il then added that these months are even more favorable for the display since in May there will be extraordinary intense work to plan the rice seedlings, in which not only the rural population but also many students, office workers, and military units will be engaged.


In connection with several issues raised by the USSR Ministry of Foreign Trade Nam Il reported that the DPRK leadership expresses a wish that the Soviet industrial and agricultural exhibition building be constructed of a permanent type and that the size of the building should be somewhat less than the building constructed for this purpose in Peking. Nam Il said, the DPRK leadership thinks that on the basis of the experience which Soviet specialists have in constructing similar buildings that the latter will themselves propose a version for both a closed pavilion and an open area most suitable for Korea. With respect to the expenses for the construction of the building the Korean side will fully supply the construction with the labor force and necessary amount of all construction materials available in the DPRK at its own expense. The DPRK government asks that the Soviet government supply everything that will need to be delivered from the Soviet Union (heating equipment, electrical appliances, etc.) at its own expense. Concerning the time-frame for the construction and opening of the exhibit, it is desired that that the construction of the building be completed in 1960 and the opening of the Soviet exhibit be timed for 15 August 1960, that is, the day of the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Korea. Nam Il then said that the opening of the exhibit would be a great gift for this memorable date.



Nam Il and Puzanov discuss a planned exhibit on the peaceful use of atomic energy in Pyongyang and a proposal for the construction of a Soviet industrial and agricultural exhibition in North Korea.


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AVPRF fond 0102, opis 14, delo 6, p. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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