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April 10, 1977

Letter from Deng Xiaoping to Chairman Hua Guofeng, Vice Chairman Ye Jianying, and the CCP Central Committee

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To Chairman Hua [Guofeng], Vice Chairman Ye [Jianying] and the Central Committee [of the Chinese Communist Party]:


I fully support what Chairman Hua and Vice Chairman Ye had said in the recent Central Committee work conference, and I fully endorse Chairman Hua’s policy of grasping the key link in running the country as well as his plans for various issues and work at present.


Although I had done some useful things during my work in 1975, there were also weaknesses and mistakes in my work. I wish to restate my sincere acceptance of the criticism and teachings that our great leader and mentor Chairman Mao had bestowed on me.


I am grateful to the Central Committee for making it clear that I had nothing to do with the Tiananmen Incident. I am especially glad to note that Chairman Hua had in his speech, affirmed that the actions of the broad masses at the Tiananmen Square on the day of the Qingming Festival last year were reasonable.


On the issue of my work, what I would do, and the appropriate time for me to start work, I will fully defer to the considerations and arrangements of the Central Committee


When our great leader Chairman Mao passed away, I had expressed my heartfelt sorrow and deep grief to the Central Committee in writing. We must defend and raise this glorious and great banner high throughout the generations and we must use accurate and complete Mao Zedong Thought to guide our whole Party, military and people nationwide to victoriously advance the cause of our Party and socialism as well as the cause of the international communist movement throughout the generations.


When the Central Committee decided to make Comrade Guofeng the Chairman of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, and when the Central Committee with Chairman Hua at the helm scored a great victory over the Gang of Four in the most brilliant, courageous and correct manner ever, I had expressed my sincere support and elation to Comrade Guofeng and the Central Committee in writing on 10 October 1976.


If the Central Committee deems it appropriate, I propose that this letter, together the letter written on 10 October last year be printed and circulated within the Party. I fully defer to the considerations and decisions of the Central Committee on how to handle this.


Yours sincerely,


Deng Xiaoping

10 April 1977



Deng Xiaoping offers a self-criticism and says that he endorses the policies of Hua Guofeng.


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Hubei Provincial Archives SZ1-4-503. Translated by Caixia Lu.


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