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November 10, 1937

Letter from Governor Sheng Shicai to Cde. V. M. Molotov

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to MOSCOW, to Cde. V. M. MOLOTOV


Dear Mr. Molotov!


Thanks to the pressure of work, for a long time I have not had the opportunity to write you a letter.


The events in the South of Xinjiang have barely disrupted the peace in the province which has continued for the last several years. The imperialists wanted to disrupt the peace. Thanks to your friendly comprehensive aid, thanks to the aid from the special units, peace has again been restored in Xinjiang. The 36th Division in the South of Xinjiang has been completely eliminated at the present time. The intrigues of the imperialists have been disrupted, and the peoples of all the nationalities of Xinjiang have again obtained peace and the possibility of a quiet life. They will be able to continue peaceful development. For all this I not only thank you personally but, representing the four million population of the 14 nationalities of Xinjiang, I thank you on their behalf.


A plot was discovered in Urumqi not long ago. The plotters, including Trotskyites, have almost all been arrested. The peoples of all the nationalities of the province fervently welcome the Government's measures against the plotters. The authority of the six-principle policy in Xinjiang and peace in the province have been further strengthened.


The peoples of all the nationalities of Xinjiang will eternally and deeply remember the aid which the Soviet Union gave them as friends in the past and the present.


I personally am vigorously and consistently implementing the policy of the six principles and am trying with all my strength to keep the peace and build a new Xinjiang. I am striving to turn Xinjiang into one of the model provinces of China so that it becomes one of the strongest links in the friendship between China and the USSR, and is turned into one of the strongest fortresses of the fight against imperialism and fascism.


You are the leading revolutionary in the entire world and the leader of the Government of the great Soviet Union. I sincerely ask you to give me your advice, which will be useful in my practical work.


Counsellor SHANIN is returning to Moscow on account of illness. He can familiarize you with the situation in Xinjiang.


I am sending you my picture postcard and an embroidered picture.


I wish you all the best.





Sheng Shicai expresses gratitude to Cde. V. M. Molotov for Soviet assistance with eliminating the 36th Division of the NRA from the South of Xinjiang and combating a Trotskyist plot in Xinjiang. He requests Molotov's assistance with "implementing the policy of the six principles" in Xinjiang and turning it into a model province.


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RGASPI f. 82 op. 2 d. 1238, l. 162. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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