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May 22, 1957

Letter No. 65 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

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May 22, 1957


# 65


To Minister Duk Shin Choi

From: The President


Thank you for your report No. 40 and the special report of your tri p to Cambodia.


I am glad that you finished your good will tour of Southeast Asian countries.


I have not yet read the report or your visit to Cambodia but shall do so as soon as I can find the

time. I will leave for Cheju-do this afternoon and return within a few days.


In your report you mentioned that you are leaving for Seoul on the 17th. Personally I do not think you should leave your post after having been away so long and therefore the Foreign Ministry cabled you accordingly.


The letter of invitation to be presented to President Diem in regard to his visit to Korea has been transmitted to you in the last pouch. As you will have to return to Korea on the occasion of

President Diem’s visit there is no necessity for you to come now. I know your reports will be sufficient.


I am very happy to know that the visit of our navy to Saigon was a success and that they were given a warm welcome.


I approve of your postponing your trip to Formosa due to the atmosphere created between Formosa and Vietnam.


President Rhee writes on Ngo Dinh Diem's visit to South Korea, Minister Choi's activities, and Choi's recent trip to Cambodia.


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B-330-031, The Korean Legation in Vietnam, Reports from the Korean Mission to the United Nations and Republic of Korea Embassies and Legations, Syngman Rhee Institute, Yonsei University.


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