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February 23, 1998

Meeting of Mr. President with Members of the Iraqi Government regarding the Embargo, Sanctions, and Other Matters

This audio file contains a meeting between Saddam Hussein and Iraqi officials on the topic of the embargo. They first discussed "the devilish British acts" around the world, especially in third world countries and the Arab countries. After the collapse of the British Empire, a new evil rose up and that is the United States. The Iraqi government decided to open all the sites to the UN inspectors who were selected by the UN General Secretary, who was pleased by the cooperation of Iraq for the first time. The reason for cooperation is that they are serious in having the embargo removing and proving to the world that they are innocent form the US and British pretexts. They talked about the countries that stood up beside Iraq at the UN, and the reasons for that are the four million tons of oil they gave to Russia and the two million tons they gave to France. The personnel present for this meeting were Saddam Hussein, Tariq 'Aziz, Dr. Sa'dun Hammadi, the Foreigner Minister, "Izzat Al‐Duri and others.


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Conflict Records Research Center, National Defense University, SH-SHTP-A-000-871. Contributed by Steve Coll.


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