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October 20, 1976

Memorandum from Juhani Suomi, Head of Political Department, ' Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Finland; Police Investigation and Possible Measures'

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MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS                                  
Political Department No #586


MEMORANDUM 10.20.1976




Discussions regarding the subject matter were continued with the Foreign Minister Kohonen’s lead 10.20.1976 at 8.10 am. In addition to the Foreign Minister, present were State Secretary Matti Tuovinen, Head of Department Ossi Sunell, Chief of Police Erkki Korhonen, Detective Inspector Risto Veijalainen, and Head of Division Juhani Suomi.


Foreign Minister emphasized that a solution must be found quickly and inquired whether the impression he had received the previous day that the police had clear proof was in fact correct. He also inquired if the police could speed up the possibly still ongoing interrogations so that the government could address the subject later in the afternoon.


Chief of Police Korhonen concluded that this was possible, and confirmed the Foreign Minister’s understanding that the police had sufficient proof.


Foreign Minister asked Head of Department Sunell to once again inspect the quantities of cigarettes and alcohol procured by the Koreans without paying customs.


Foreign Minister inquired if Finnish citizens would be arrested based on the investigation. Representatives of the Police informed that no such measures were to be expected.


Head of Division Suomi inquired whether the investigation by the police supports the information in the press that the Korean Embassy in Poland is the center of the illicit trade. Detective Inspector Veijalainen replied that at least one delivery has been confirmed to have arrived from Poland via Stockholm to Helsinki.


Considering how comprehensive the expatriation measures should be, the representatives of the police emphasized that the entire staff of the embassy has been found to have participated in the exposed activities. Foreign Minister presented his view point that the embassies should not be entirely vacated, and emphasized the political aspects of the decision. It was decided that the issue would be further deliberated.


It was decided that there would be a new meeting in the afternoon once the police had finished interrogations. The decision was also made that the Prime Minister should call for a meeting of the government Foreign Affairs Committee. Head of Department Sunell and Head of Division Suomi should draft a press release in case the decision regarding deportation would be taken.


Foreign Minister closed by emphasizing that good diplomatic practise should be followed in all respects.



Juhani Suomi

Head of Division




President of the Republic
Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister Aminoff
State secretary
Undersecretaries of State
Head of Department Sunell
Political Department
Head of Bureau Krogius
Police Chief Korhonen
Police Counsellor Pentti
Archives SI Stocholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Beijing




Finnish Foreign Ministry and police officials discuss evidence of smuggling carried out by North Korean diplomats in Helsinki.


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UM 6D Pohjois-Korea, Archives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland. Obtained by Charles Kraus and translated by Ulla-Stina Henttonen.


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