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July 1, 1978

Message of the Secretary General [of the Korean Workers' Party] Kim Il Sung a, to the President of the [Socialist Federal] Republic [of Yugoslavia], J.B. Tito

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Pyongyang, July 1, 1978

Esteemed Comrade Josip Broz Tito,


I would like to extend my warm fraternal greeting to you with my satisfaction over the fact that the relations of friendship and cooperation between Korea and Yugoslavia are developing more favourably with each passing day after your visit to our country.


The friendly and cooperative relations between our two Parties, countries and peoples are now making great contribution to accelerating the common cause of the world people advocating independence.  


Some time ago, our Party Delegation participated in the 11th Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, and you received our Party Delegation with special kindness and extended your cordial withes to us, which clearly showed the excellent relations between Korea and Yugoslavia.


We are confident that the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries will continue to consolidate and develop in the future through the common struggle for the strengthening and development of the international communist movement and working-class movement and the non-aligned movement.


Esteemed Comrade President,


The coming September 9 is the day of marking the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a genuine worker-peasant state, established by our people for the first time in their history.


The Central Committee of our Party and the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have decided to celebrate this day pompously as a national red-letter day.


I would like to officially invite a high-level Party and State Delegation of Yugoslavia to take part in the celebration functions of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, reflecting the unanimous hope of our people to commemorate our national fete with the Yugoslav friends.


The visit to our country by a high-level delegation of Yugoslavia will add greater significance to the celebration functions of our people and give great encouragement to our people in their struggle for the building of socialism and the independent, peaceful reunification of the country.


I take this opportunity to express my sincere wished to you for your good health and happiness as well as to the Yugoslav people for greater success in their efforts to carry out the decisions of the 11th Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia under your leadership.


Please accept, Comrade President, the assurances of my highest consideration.




General Secretary

Central Committee

Workers’ Party of Korea


Democratic People’s Republic

of Korea



Kim invites a high-level delegation from Yugoslavia to participate in the DPRK's 30th anniversary celebrations.


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Archives of Yugoslavia (AJ), KPR I-1/660. Contributed by Martin Coles and transcribed by Sohyeon Kim.

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