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September 12, 1978

Minutes from Conversation between Babrak Karmal and the Head of the Diplomatic Protocol Tucek

Babrak Karmal visited the head of the diplomatic protocol on 11 September at 3 P.M. He introduced the discussion by stating that he had been informed that his diplomatic activities in Czechoslovakia were at an end. The head of the diplomatic protocol replied that the Foreign Ministry had learned news to this effect through the Czechoslovak Embassy in Kabul.

Karmal said that he realized that, officially, his function in Czechoslovakia was over, but that as a member of his Party's leadership, he would like to meet with Comrade Bilak and inform him of the situation in his country as well as his own situation. Karmal also declared that he would not return to his homeland under the present circumstances, but that he had no desire to move to any capitalist country. He stated his intention to ask for political asylum in Czechoslovakia.

When Karmal asked what his status in Czechoslovakia was after he ceased to be the ambassador, the head of the diplomatic protocol replied that as an Afghan citizen, he was under the care and protection of the Afghan Embassy.

A summarized conversation between Babrak Karmal and the head of Diplomatic protocol regarding Karmal's request for political asylum in Czechoslovakia, following then end of his ambassadorship.


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Central State Archive, Archive of the CC CPCz, file Husak, unsorted materials, box Afghanistan. Provided by Oldrich Tuma and Translated by Francis Raska.


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