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November 3, 1968

The National Liberation Front's Five-Point Political Solution to the South Vietnam Question

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Excerpt from a declaration of the National Liberation Front on a political settlement of the South Vietnam question: The US had to withdraw from Vietnam and destroy their military bases in South Vietnam. South Vietnam's internal matters would be dealt with by the South Vietnamese and the reunification of Vietnam would be decided by the Vietnamese without foreign intervention. There would be a general election in South Vietnam. The new government in South Vietnam would adopt a neutral foreign policy: No military alliance, having cordial relation with all countries, establishing good neighbor relations with Cambodia and Laos.

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May 8, 1969

The Complete Ten-Point Solution of the National Liberation Front Regarding a Political Solution to the South Vietnam Question

Announcement of the National Liberation Front's delegate at the 16th session of the Paris Conference: The Americans had to unconditionally withdraw their amy, military personnel, weapons, etc. and destroy their bases in Vietnam. The South Vietnamese would choose their political system through a general election without foreign intervention. In the meantime, a provisional government including members of all political groups would be formed. The North and the South would then reestablish normal relations and negotiate reunification peacefully without foreign intervention. Both would refrain from having military alliances and foreign military presence in their territories. The North and the South would discuss the release of POWs. The Americans would have to bear all responsibilities for the damage incurred in Vietnam during the war.

June 26, 1971

Nine Points from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Regarding a Political Solution in Vietnam

Statement put forward by the DRV in a private meeting with American representatives: The US had to pull out completely from South Vietnam and other Indochinese countries by the end of 1971. The release of POWs and civilians captured during the war would be implemented simultaneously. The Americans had to stop supporting Thieu-Ky-Khiem (the three leaders of the government of South Vietnam), bear all responsibilities and pay compensation for all damages incurred in Vietnam. The US had to respect the 1954 Geneva Accords on Indochina and the 1965 Geneva Accords on Laos and stop all intervention in Indochina.

July 1, 1971

A Seven-Point Declaration of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam

Statement by the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam at the 119th session of the Paris Conference: The US had to set a specific date for troop withdrawal from Vietnam. If the US planned to finish complete withdrawal within 1971, troop withdrawal and the release of POWs would be started and ended on the same dates. The Americans had to stop supporting the Thieu administration. A new government would be formed which supported peace, independence, neutrality and democracy. The Provisional Revolutionary Government would talk to this new government about creating a National Conciliatory Government to carry out a general election. The North and the South would then peacefully negotiate reunification. South Vietnam would be neutral and establish relations with all countries. The US would bear all responsibilities for damages incurred in Vietnam.

February 21, 1969

V.A. Zorin, Memorandum of Conversation with the head of the DRV delegation and the head of NLFSV delegation at the Paris negotiations

Zorin, the USSR ambassador to France, summarizes a meeting in Paris in February 1969 with representatives of North Vietnam and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLFSV) to discuss the on-going peace negotiations with the United States. Xuan Thuy and the head of the NLFSV delegation Comrade Tran Buu Kiem

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Bộ Ngoại Giao, Phòng Lưu Trữ [Archives Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs], Văn kiện cơ bản về đấu tranh ngoại giao của Việt Nam (từ tháng 4-1965 đến tháng 7-1980) [Basic Documents on Vietnam’s Diplomatic Struggle (From April 1965 to July 1980)] (Hà Nội, January 1981), 11.


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