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May 7, 1962

Polish Embassy, Rio de Janeiro (Chabasinski), to Polish Foreign Ministry

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Ciphergram No. 6636

From: Rio de Janeiro dispatched on 05.07.1962 at 12:00 and received on 05.08.1962 at 04:40

Came to the Decoding Department on 05.08.1962 at 0:45

To:  [Foreign Ministry Director Aleksander] KRAJEWSKI

From: [Ambassador Wojciech] CHABASINSKI[1]


[Luís Carlos] Prestes came to visit me.[2]

  1. He asked for assistance in connecting, via Deputy Santana, the Secretary of the Communist party of Portugal Alvaro Cunhal with [Foreign Minister] Dantas who promised to give him a visa to Brazil. Cunhal is scheduled to visit Poland on his way back from Moscow.
  2. Our friends [Brazilian communists?] positively assess [Minister] Dantas’ visit to Poland.  They give it full support.
  3. The fact that Prestes recently criticized [President] Goulart’s policies absolutely does not mean that they are breaking with the “trabalhistas.”[3] Our friends [Brazilian communists] are having increasing problems with Juliao, the leader of the peasant league. He has a significant amount of money in his possession, which he has been using for unpredictable [irresponsible] political activity.


Received by:

Comrade Gomulka Comrade Winiewicz

Comrade Cyrankiewicz Comrade Wierna

Comrade Gierek Comrade Michalowski

Comrade Jedrychowski Comrade Birecki

Comrade Kliszko Comrade Krajewski

Comrade Loga-Sowinski

Comrade Ochab

Comrade Rapacki

Comrade Spychalski

Comrade Zambrowski

Comrade Zawadzki

Comrade Jarosinski

Comrade Strzelecki

Comrade. Czesak

Decoded on 05.08.1962 at 1:45 by Pospychala, checked by Strzelecki

[1] Poland’s envoy to Brazil from 1956-61 and Poland’s ambassador to Brazil from 1961-65.

[2] Luís Carlos Prestes was a Brazilian revolutionary and the founder of the Communist Party of Brazil.

[3] Reference to the Brazilian Labor Party (Portuguese: Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro, PTB ).

Telgram describing meeting between Ambassador Chabasinski and Luís Carlos Prestes--founder of the Communist Party of Brazil--regarding Prestes acquiring a visa to Brazil with the help of Brazilian Foreign Minister Dantas. Also discussed Brazil's problems with Francisco Juliao, leader of the peasant league.

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Polish Foreign Ministry archives (AMSZ), Warsaw; obtained by James Hershberg, translated by Malgorzata Gnoinska


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