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April 27, 1986

P.P. Volkov's Report to the Central Committee of Ukrainian Communist Party

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[Ukrainian SSR Ministry of Automotive Transport letterhead in Ukrainian and Russian]



Copy Nº 1

27 April 1986 Nº 382s


Central Committee of the

Communist Party of Ukraine




[illegible signature

and initials dated 27 April 1986]


In fulfillment of an order of Cde. K. I. Masik, a Deputy Chairman of the UkSSR Council of Ministers, to carry out measures to prepare for the evacuation of the population from the city of Pripyat', Kiev Oblast', the Republic's Ministry of Automotive Transport received a signal at 2000 26 April 1986 to deploy automotive transportation of military-type vehicle columns and civil defense medical detachments to march composed of 1100 buses and one military-type automotive transport battalion (233 trucks).


Only the dropside trucks of two military automotive battalions (2240 and 2241) and three civil defense ambulance detachments with 72 sets of transport medical equipment (TSO) in storage in the mobilization reserve have been activated and prepared to transport the population to carry out the above


Beginning 2000 26 April 1986 a round-the-clock watch of the Minister, Deputy Ministers, and directorate chiefs, except operations duty officers, was established in the Ministry.


At 2325 26 April 1986 the Ministry received an instruction from the UkSSR Council of Ministers to move out the columns and march along a Kiev-Dymer-Ivankovo-Chernobyl' route.


Motor transportation consisting of separate columns of 60-70 units each has departed from enterprises; it includes:


[Ukrainian CP stamp:

General Department, 2nd Sector

Incoming Nº 1525/2S on 3 sheets

28 April 1986

Subject to return]

Kiev City


ATP [motor transport regiment] buses 09121 85

09122 48

09123 84

09124 83

09125 72

09126 66

09127 62

09111 102

Total: 602




ATP 11153 160

11166 73  


in addition, nine refueling trucks

eight mobile repair shops


Kiev Oblast'

Belaya Tserkov' 105 buses

Dymer 60 "

Fastov 40 "

Borispol' 53 "

Borodyanka  30 "

Obukhov 50 "

Irpen' 55 "

Vasil'kov 20 "

Brovary 60 "

Ivankov 30 "

Kagarlyk 20 "

Total: 523 buses


In addition, 09126 from the ATP has put six buses at the disposition of the Ukrainian SSR's State Automotive Inspectorate and one bus to the Directorate of the Southwestern Railroad.


The management of motor transport enterprises, the freight and passenger transportation directorates of the city of Kiev and Kiev Oblast' headed by First Deputy Minister Cde. V. M. Revoy left with the motor transport.


By 0400 27 April 1986 the allotted motor transport of 1125 buses and 250 trucks and special vehicles was concentrated around the city of Chernobyl' in full readiness to carry out assigned missions.


In addition, 100 buses of the cities of Chernobyl' and Pripyat' have been put into effect in these measures. Per a supplemental order of the UkSSR Council of Ministers at 0110 27 April 1986 144 buses with transport medical equipment taken from the mobilization reserve in the Chernigov and Zhitomir Oblast' Automotive Directorates and with the withdrawal of one civil defense detachment (72 buses) of the Zhitomir Oblast' Automotive Directorate at Nardychi urbanized village have been readied for one civil defense medical detachment.


At 1330 the motor transportation began performing the assigned tasks to evacuate the population in the city of Pripyat'.


The Ministry has taken all the necessary measures to continually provide for the transportation of freight and passengers in Kiev city and Kiev Oblast' with the remaining transportation.


Minister [signature] P. P. Volkov


Evacuation order received at 20.00 on April 26, vehicle columns sent from Kiev to Chernobyl at 23.25, containing 1125 buses and 250 lorries, arriving at 4.00 on April 27. Evacuation of Pripyat began at 13.30 on April 27.


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