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March 17, 1978

Press Clippings from 'Helsingin Sanomat' and 'Ilta-Sanomat' concerning the North Korean Ambassador in Helsinki

HS [Helsingin Sanomat] 3.17.1978


UPI: North Korea appointed ambassador to Finland


North Korea has appointed a new ambassador to Finland in order to improve relations that were disrupted as the result of 1976 narcotics trafficking. The name of the ambassador is said to be Han Jo-Jung, but no other information about him has been given.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not received an official confirmation. “Usually the arrival of a new ambassador is only announced once he enters the country and presents his letter of credence, and when the President of the Republic has confirmed the appointment,” the Foreign Ministry said.


North Korea appointed a new Ambassador to Sweden last November.


North Korea did not have an Ambassador in Helsinki when the drug trafficking incident happened, only a chargé d’affaires.


In September 1976, Finland deported four North Korean diplomats that were exposed in a smuggling incident. Officials at North Korean embassies operated as alcohol, cigarette, and drug smugglers around the world. Similar incidents were uncovered, among others, in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark which also deported their respective diplomats.


IS [Ilta-Sanomat] 3.16.1978


North Korea has appointed Han Yong Jon today as its ambassador to Finland, according to North Korea’s news agency.


Until now, the North Korean embassy in Helsinki has operated under a chargé d’affaires.


The new representative of the North Korean government is the country’s first ambassador in Finland.

Finnish newspaper clippings on the arrival of a new North Korean ambassador following the smuggling scandal.


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UM 6D Pohjois-Korea, Archives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland. Contributed by Charles Kraus and translated by Ulla-Stina Henttonen.


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