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September 30, 1985

The Proposal by the Olympic Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


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Pyongyang, D.P.R.K.

Pyongyang, September 30, 1985

Esteemed sir,

I would like to extend my friendly greetings to you, with my pleasure at our ever-deepening friendly relations forged through the joint efforts to preserve intact the sublime ideal of the International Olympic Movement and develop it.

It is an occasion of honour for me personally to inform you of our stand on the 24th Olympic Games.

As you well know, the Olympiad is the international sports festival whose lofty ideal is peace and harmony, friendship and cooperation among peoples.

However, many sportsmen, socio-political figures and pressmen the world over are now expressing their series doubts regarding to the decision of holding the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul.

As is well known, when Seoul candidate to host the Olympic Games a lot of countries asserted to shift the venue from Seoul to other place and some countries outspoke their position that they would not attend the Olympic Games if it were held in Seoul.

There suggested some views on which the north and the south should co-host this Games out of desire to develop the 24th Olympiad in keeping with the ideal of the Olympic movement.

After due consideration of all raised matters, our National Olympic Committee put forward a proposal that the north and south of Korea co-host the 24th Olympic Games and form and field a unified team there, proceeding from the deep analysis of the present-day situation created within the Olympic Movement and the exceptional situation of divided Korea as well as the earnest desire to bring about the sound development of the International Olympic Games.

This proposal of ours will be discuss in the joint meeting of the International Olympic Committee and representatives from the north and south Olympic Committee slated from October 8 to 9 in Lausanne.

We are of the opinion that our co-host proposal is the good way for solving the current problems arising within the Olympic Movement.

When our proposal is carried into effect, the 24th Olympiad will be the most fruitful games participated in by all its member countries without omission and historic sports festival contributing to achieving harmony and unity of the divided Korean nation and the cause of reunification.

It is my belief that you, my friend and colleague, will direct your deep interest in and send your support and solidarity to our new proposal made in a bid to hold the Games in accordance with the ideal of the Olympic Movement.

Convinced that the friendly ties between us will further consolidate and develop I wish for your success in your responsibilities.

Enclosed herewith is our co-host proposal for reference.

Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Kim Yu Sun

Chairman of the Olympic Committee of the
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Member of the International Olympic

The Proposal of the Olympic Committee
Of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

1. The issue of co-hosting of the 24th Olympic Games
The 24th Olympic Games should be co-hosted by the north and the south and be participated by their single team.

2. The issue of naming of the Olympiad
The name of the Olympiad shall be “Korea-Olympiad” or “Korea Pyongyang-Seoul Olympiad”, each side may call the said Olympic Games in its own convenient way.

3. Division of the sport events
Sport events will be adequately divided and played in Pyongyang and Seoul

4. Opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games
The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games will be held in Pyongyang and Seoul respectively according to the events assigned.

5. Guarantee for the hosting right
It shall be guaranteed that all the preparations relating to the 24th Olympic Games will have been finished within the shortest period to comply with the rules of the International Olympic Committee and the International Sports Federation.

6. Free travel

1) It shall provide sufficient conditions for players, officials, reporters and tourists to freely travel from and to Pyongyang and Seoul, by using the transport means on the ground and see or by air.

2) For the free travel, the road between Pyongyang-Seoul and the railways between Pyongyang and Seoul will be connected and the passenger lines will be put into operation between Nampo port linking with Pyongyang through the motorway and Inchon port linking with Seoul through the motorway and the passenger flight will go into service between Pyongyang airport and Kimpo airport.

3) In order to provide maximum conveniences for travelers and assure their swift travel, passes, instead of visas, will be issued for players, officials, reporters, and tourists at the crossing-points.

4) The authorities concerned of the north and the south shall make public in advance the statement related to the guarantee for the body safety and implement it.

7. The right to telecast and shares in its profits

1) The right to telecasting shall depend on the future agreement.

2) The profits out of the right to telecasting allotted to the International Olympic Committee are applicable as they shall be shared as decided.

3) The profits out of the right to telecasting allotted to the hosting side shall be allotted to the north and to the south according to the number of events held in Pyongyang and Seoul.

8. The formation of the standing organization to co-host the Olympic Games

1) It is to form the north-south joint standing organization to successfully co-host the 24th Olympic Games.

2) The title of north-south standing organization will be the “the Joint Organizing Committee of Korea-Olympiad” or “the Joint Organizing Committee of Korea Pyongyang-Seoul Olympiad” and “the Joint Organizing Committee of Korea Seoul-Pyongyang Olympiad”.

In case of calling it “the Joint Organizing Committee of Korea Pyongyang-Seoul Olympiad” or “the Joint Organizing Committee of Korea Seoul-Pyongyang Olympiad”, the north and the south may call it in its convenient way respectively.

3) The Joint Organizing Committee shall consist of 2 co-chairman and other members as deemed necessary.

9. The other detailed matters shall be worked out and agreed upon separately.

10. An agreement for the north and the south to co-host and participate in the 24th Olympic Games as a single team shall be worked out and signed by the Presidents of Olympic Committees of the north and the south each, and comes into force from the date of exchange of the original texts.

The proposal from North Korea's Olympic Committee laying out their desires for the staging and operation of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. The North Korean Olympic Committee desired a sharing of the events between North and South Korea.

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International Olympic Committee Archives (Switzerland), SEOUL’ 88/ 1ERE REUNION DES 2 COREES (EQUIPE UNIFIE) 1985; SEOUL 88/ JOINT TEAM (+JOINT MEETING, LAUSANNE/ 8-9 oct. 85) (1RE REUNION DES 2 COREES). Obtained for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.


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