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August 21, 1968

Protocol No. 5 of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the CC of the RCP on the situation in Czechoslovakia

Protocol No. 5 of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the CC of the RCP, on the situation in Czechoslovakia

Participants in the meeting, comrades: Nicolae Ceasescu, Ion Gheorghe Maurer, Gheorghe Apostol, Alexandru Bârladeanu, Emil Bodnaras, Chivu Stoica, Paul Niculescu-Mizil, Virgil Trofin, Ilie Verdet, Maxim Berghianu, Florian Danalache, Constantin Dragan, Ianos Fazekas, Leonte Rautu, Vasile Vâlcu, Stefan Voitec, Iosif Banc, Petre Blajovici, Dumitru Coliu, Mihai Gere, Petre Lupu, Manea Manescu, Dumitru Popa, Dumitru Popescu, Gheorghe Stoica.

Invited to participate in the meeting, comrades: Mihai Dalea, Vasile Patilinet.
The meeting opens at 6:30 a.m.
AGENDA: The situation created after the penetration of the armed forces of certain socialist countries into the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

Upon listening to Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu's briefing on the very serious situation created after the penetration in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic - without the knowledge and approval of that country's Party and State bodies, of the armed forces of the URSS, the Polish People's Republic, the Hungarian People's Republic, the People's Republic of Bulgaria and the German Democratic Republic - the Executive Committee of the CC of the RCP, decides as follows:

1. The Government of the Socialist Republic of Romania shall address a note to the five socialist countries whose troops occupied Czechoslovakia and express its concern about and disapproval of this act, the fact that it does not share at all the views stated in the TASS Communiqué, alleging that a counter-revolutionary situation was obtaining in Czechoslovakia which might have justified a military intervention.

2. The Central Committees of the five parties in those socialist countries shall be informed about the fact the Central Committee of the RCP is utterly astonished and disapproves of the manner in which our Party has been informed about the decision and measures taken relative to the military intervention in Czechoslovakia.

At the same time, they shall be told that the Romanian Communist Party considers the military intervention in Czechoslovakia a flagrant violation of the national sovereignty of a fraternal socialist, free and independent state, of the principles underlying the relations between the socialist countries of the unanimously recognized norms of international law and that the interference in the internal affairs of the communist party and Czechoslovak people, the armed intervention in Czechoslovakia are a heavy blow dealt to the unity of the world socialist system, to the international communist and workers' movement, to the prestige of socialism in the world. They shall also be explained the firm belief of our Party and Government that the sole way of eliminating the serious consequences of the armed intervention in Czechoslovakia is the urgent withdrawal of those five countries' troops and the assurance of the necessary conditions for the Czechoslovak people to solve its domestic affairs by itself.

3. The leaderships of all socialist countries and of the communist and workers' parties shall be informed about the stand of the Romanian Communist Party on the intervention made in Czechoslovakia by the five socialist countries' armed forces.

4. An extraordinary session of the Grand National Assembly shall be summoned on August 22, 1968 to discuss the situation obtaining in wake of the military intervention in Czechoslovakia and to adopt a statement on the basic principles of Romania's foreign policy.

5. The armed patriotic guards, formed of workers, peasants and intellectuals shall be immediately reorganized in order to assure the Romanian people's peaceful work, the homeland's national sovereignty and independence.

6. The Party bodies, the trade-union and LCY organizations, the managements of enterprises and institutions shall take the necessary measures for the normal unfolding of activity, to prevent any possible anarchical actions and to strengthen the guarded protection of all enterprises, State and civic institutions.

7. The measures adopted by the Executive Committee concerning the situation obtaining in Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia in wake of the penetration in Czechoslovakia by the armed forces of the five socialist parties shall be submitted for approval to the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, the State Council and the Council of Ministers.

The meeting ended at 8:10 a.m.

Nicolae Ceausescu


Summary of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the CC RCP, on the situation in Czechoslovakia. The Romanian leadership decides to publically express its astonishment at the actions of the five Warsaw Pact member states participating in the invasion of Czechoslovakia.


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ANIC, CC RCP, Chancellery, File No. 133/1968, ff. 2-4. Translated by Delia Razdolescu


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