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April 15, 1954

Protocol for the Phased Withdrawal of Troops (First Draft)

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Protocol for the Phased Withdrawal of Troops (First Draft)


To protect the national independence of Korea and to establish the necessary conditions for the Korean people to resolve the Korean issue on their own without any foreign interference, it is recommended that:


(1) All foreign armed forces, including their equipment, presently on Korean territory — that is the United Nations Command and its equipment in southern Korea and the Chinese People’s Volunteers and their equipment in northern Korea — withdraw in equal installments from South and North Korea within one year of reaching an agreement on this document;


(2) Within six months of reaching an agreement on this document, half of all foreign armed forces stationed in South Korea and North Korea shall be withdrawn, in phases, from South Korea and North Korea. Foreign armed forces shall follow phases made up of three months, and during each phase half of the troops must be withdrawn. In two phases, the troops shall be withdrawn from South and North Korea;


(3) According to the Korean Armistice Agreement, which established the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission and inspection teams responsible for monitoring and inspecting all foreign armed forces, all matters relating to the rear withdrawal and port withdrawal of forces from Korea shall follow the Korean Armistice Agreement;


(4) The termination of the Military Armistice Commission shall be announced following the withdrawal of all foreign armed forces from Korea.






A first draft of the proposal to withdraw United Nations Command and Chinese People's Volunteers troops from southern and northern Korea respectively. The protocol also outlines a schedule for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Korean peninsula.


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