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April 1986

Recommendations and Some Information on the Conditions in the Zone of Increased Radiation in the City of Kiev

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and some information on the conditions in the zone of increased radiation in the city of Kiev


The content of exhaust into the atmosphere: 200 isotopes, 30 elements, of which 45% have short half-lives, 55% of which have half-lives of 7 days or more


Long half-lives:


Strontium 89 – 4.70%, dangerous for farm animals;

Strontium 90 – 5.77%, 28 years, builds deposits in bones;

Vanadium 91 – 5.4%, 58 days;

Ruthenium 102 – 3%;

Zirconium 42 – 5.6%, 6 days;

Ruthenium 106 – 0.38%, 1 year;

Barium 140 – 6.75%, 12.8 days;

Cesium 137 – 6.12%, 30 years;

Germanium 141 – 6%, 33 days;

Germanium 144 – 6%, 288 days.


Strontium comes out with red wine. 5 years at the current radiation of 0.3 milliroentgens per hour could cause radiation sickness.


Iodine solutions – 47 isotopes:

Iodine 126 – 13.3 days;

Iodine 129 – 1720 years;

Iodine 131 – 8.06 days;

Iodine 132 – 2.6 days;

Iodine 133 – 20.9 hours;

Iodine 134 – 54 minutes;

Iodine 135 – 7.6 hours;


Standard background radiation is 0.02. Depth of penetration: the greater the density and porousness, the better the scale of radiation penetration into the food.


Flour – 0.5cm

Semolina flour – 1 cm

Sugar – 0.5 cm

Cereal, grain – 2-3 cm

Salt – 3cm

Soil – 5 cm

Vegetables, fruits – 10 cm

Beets in the earth – 15-30cm


The recommended daily food ration at the present time: water – 1 l, cheese – 50-100 g., fish – 100g., meat – 100 g., sour cream – 200 g., butter – 50g., greens – 100g., Total: 2.6l


Potatoes and carrots practically do not get contaminated, and pigs absorb radiation 10 times less than cattle. When meat is boiled to make bouillon, 60% of its absorbed radiation is released. It must be boiled for 1-2 hours, and the first water removed after 20 minutes of boiling, after which it can be refilled and the meat further boiled.


Decontamination of water: let it stand 10-15 minutes and then pour out the uppermost portion, approximately 2/3 – for use, and dump the remaining portion down the drain.


Means of decontamination: mechanical – sweeping, beating rugs, vacuum cleaner can be used as well. For liquids – filtering, distillation, leaving the liquid standing, cleaning with soap.


 To remove radiation:


1. Red juices / grape, tomato, carrot, cherry/.

2. “Cabernet" red wine (for children 1-2 teaspoons with water 1-2 hours before eating/.

3. One glucose tablet three times a day with Vitamin C.

4. Vitamin A for no more than 2 weeks at 1 capsule twice per day.

5. 4-5 nuts per day.

6. Radishes in unlimited quantities.

7. Plenty of liquids.

8. Cottage cheese – three spoonfuls of cottage cheese, one raw egg beaten with 1 spoonful of honey, washed down with kefir.


Avoid: Sorrel, spinach, and salad since they contain oxalic acid, which prevents calcium absorption.


It is necessary to include foods rich in calcium salts, hard cheeses, condensed milk, as well as pickled foods, grated horseradish with beet, currants, citrus fruits, krill paste, seaweed, and fish from the sea.



This document lists the composition of the emissions in the air in Kiev, as well as sanitary and dietary recommendations believed to ease the impacts of radiation.


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