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July 18, 1978

Record of Conversation between Soviet Ambassador to Afghanistan A.M. Puzanov and Taraki

[The Ambassador] also said that the observations expressed by the leadership of the DRA [Democratic Republic of Afghanistan] about the necessity for effective defense of the airspace of the DRA had been attentively studied in the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, and the necessary measures had been worked out for use in the event that there should appear a danger to the DRA from the air. In addition, with this goal in mind the delivery of an additional quantity of anti-aircraft installations for the present and future years had been reviewed. The deliveries of weapons will be fixed in an agreement, for the signing of which, according to the agreement, a delegation headed by Major-General V.E. Kuznetsov is arriving today.

Taraki informed the Ambassador about the situation in the country and about his meeting on July 13-14 with the Deputy Secretary of State of the USA D[avid D]. Newsom.

In the conversation with me, said N.M. Taraki, the Deputy Secretary of State spoke about the USA government's concern about the one-sided orientation in the foreign policy of the DRA and the chill in Afghan-American relations.


D. Newsom asked a provocative question -- what actions will the government of the DRA take in the event of an attack by the Soviet Union.

N.M. Taraki pointed out the inappropriateness of a question like that.

Record of Conversation between Soviet Ambassador to Afghanistan A.M. Puzanov and Taraki about the situation in Afghanistan and Taraki’s meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State David Newsom

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Notes of O.A. Westad, TsKhSD, f. 5, op. 75, d. 1181, ll. 36-40


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