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September 15, 1958

Report to Central Committee on Press Conference about 'Provocative and Subversive Activities of American Radio Stations'



In accordance with the decision of the CC CPSU on 12 February of this year, the state Committee on Cultural relations conducted a press conference for Soviet and foreign correspondents on the following topic: “on Provocative and subversive activities of American Radio Stations.” The press conference was prepared in cooperation with the USSR KGB.


At the press conference, the Head of the Publishing Office, Comrade Zinchenko K.E., presented a report on this issue to familiarize participants with certain facts about provocative and subversive anti-Soviet propaganda by the following American radio stations: Voice of America, Free Europe, Liberation, and a few others.


Vinogradov B. I., Oleynik G.V., Pelekays G.P., Zhukov V.S., Kopeychikov R.V. and Zibrov N.V., all of whom had worked for the abovementioned radio stations, testified to Soviet and foreign journalists at the press conference about the methods of involving soviet displaced persons to work with American radio stations on compiling programs that contained inflammatory appeals to soviet citizens, slanderous and malicious fabrications against the Soviet Union, the Red Army, etc.


More than 120 Soviet and foreign journalists attended the press conference. No incidents occurred in the course of the press conference. Panelists conducted themselves with dignity.


Soviet and foreign journalists asked a round of questions. Correspondents were interested in certain details about the methods employed by American radio stations in fabricating deceitful and libelous messages about the Soviet Union, about the methods of intimidating soviet displaced persons with the intention of getting them to work for those radio stations, about the attitude of the German population toward activities of American radio stations within the GDR, etc.


Correspondents were given extensive answers to all of these questions.


Materials from the press conference were published in issues of all major newspapers dated February 13 of this year, and were also used by radio programs in the USA, England, and other countries.


It should be pointed out that the press conference made a very favorable impression on all the foreign correspondents that attended, and provided them with an opportunity to take detailed notes on the subject. As expected, bourgeois newspapers and agencies are still hushing up this press conference, limiting their stories to very concise, formal comments.


G. Zhukov


September 15, 1958


Description of a 1958 press conference in Moscow organized by the State Committee on Cultural Relations, with KGB assistance, to discredit Western broadcasts to the USSR and Eastern Europe. The press conference drew on the presence of alleged former employees of the radio stations.


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Archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Obtained by Michael Nelson. Translated by Volodymyr Valkov.


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