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September 5, 1945

Report from L. Beria to Cde. I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov, and Cde. G.M. Malenkov

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Top Secret

Copy Nº 4



Nº 1-1 p. 551]


to the VKP(b) CC - to Cde. I. V. STALIN

to Cde. V. M. MOLOTOV

to Cde. G. M. MALENKOV


5 September 1945

Nº 1041/b


The USSR NKVD reports about the progress of the rebel movement in Xinjiang.


[The following] ended up in rebels hands by 28 August as a result of active operations against the Chinese [by] forces of the government of East Turkestan headed by Alihan Tore Shakirjan:


all of Ili District of Xinjiang with the exception of the city of Jinghe [Jing];


the majority of Tarbaghatai District with the main cities of Chuguchak [Tacheng], Dörbiljin [Emin], and Kosh-Tologoy [sic]; and


Zimunai [sic], Koktokay [Fuyun], and Qinggil [Qinghe] Counties of the Altai District of Xinjiang.


In the second half of August the rebels launched active operations in the south of Xinjiang, as a result of which the cities of Bay [Baicheng] and Nurgak [sic] in the northern part of Kashgar District, the city of Tashkurgan [Tashiku’ergan], and the posts of Bulunkul' [sic], Subashi [sic], and Lefdar [sic] in the south of this District were seized by the rebels. With the occupation of the city of Bay by the rebels the main road connecting the south of Xinjiang with Urumqi has been cut.


In addition, in two locations the Urumqi-Jinghe road is under the influence of partisan rebel detachments who have launched sabotage actions on this road with the object of hindering the supply of the Chinese forces in Jinghe and Shikho [sic].


During their advance the forces of the government of East Turkestan are encountering a favorable attitude toward themselves and the support of the Muslim population of the population of Xinjiang.


[Notes at the bottom of the page: "One copy made for the special folder". "One copy sent to Cde. Vyshinsky on 10 September 1945 at the instruction of Cde. Mamulov (Zhukov)"


At the present time the armed forces of the rebels consist of two cavalry brigades, five rifle regiments, one cavalry regiment, six cavalry squadrons, one artillery battalion, one machine gun squadron, and 12 partisan detachments with a total strength of 17,000 men.


During the operation the rebels have taken 4,182 Chinese prisoners and killed 3,676 Chinese.


Rebels losses [were]: 314 killed and 548 wounded.


The Chinese are taking steps to reinforce government forces in Xinjiang. At the beginning of August the Fifth Cavalry Army of MA BUFANG, composed of the 1st and 5th Cavalry Divisions with a total strength of 12,000 men, left Suzhou (Jiangsu Province).


A newly-formed 3rd Rifle Division is being transferred to Urumqi on vehicles. One hundred vehicles with the personnel of this division arrived between 5 and 11 August.


According to available agent information JIANG JIESHI [Chiang Kai-shek] intends to introduce several additional well-trained units into Xinjiang from armies which have operated against the Japanese up to now, and also to transfer up to 200 aircraft.


The main points on the approaches to Urumqi-Jinghe, Shikho, and Karashar [Yanqi] are being strongly reinforced by the Chinese. Preparing for combat operations in the winter, the Chinese are taking steps to provide the troops with warm clothing and food, and hay purchasing has been launched at unit deployment locations.


The combat capability of the Chinese troop units in Xinjiang is low, and the attacking rebel units often do not encounter serious resistance. Discipline is low among the personnel of the 5th Cavalry and 3rd Rifle Divisions newly-sent to Xinjiang, and desertion of soldiers is being observed.


The USSR NKVD thinks that the government of East Turkestan still has favorable conditions for a further development of the rebel movement of the Muslims in Xinjiang. However, the national government of China has every possibility of henceforth changing the situation in its favor, especially after the surrender of Japan.


The USSR NKVD requests your instructions concerning the advisability of further support to the rebel movement of the Muslims in Xinjiang.


In the event it is found inadvisable to continue further support of the active operations of the rebels from our side it ought to be kept in mind that the Chinese Government will obviously undertake decisive operations against the rebels in the near future. In these conditions, in the event of failure part of the armed rebels and also the active leaders of the rebel movement will be forced to cross into our territory.



of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics



Four copies printed


1 - to the addressee

2 - to the addressee

3 - [inserted by hand] to the addressee

4 - to the [NKVD] Secretariat file

Drafted by Cde. Mamulov

Basis: [left blank]

Authenticated by Chernyshova


Typed by Igritskaya

5 September 1945


from index 54 N283 of 30 August 1945

from index 17 N54/00199 of 1 September 1945

from index 24 N1/8/17108 of 4 September 1945

from index 82 N1/323 of 1 September 1945



Beria reports on the progress of the rebel movement in Xinjiang at the end of August, including information on the locations of the rebels' active operations, their armed forces, Chinese prisoners of war, and recent rebel casualties. He also describes the Chinese Armed Forces' likely responses to recent rebel advances in the Ili District.


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GARF, Fond R-9401ss, Opis' 2, Delo 98, 377-379. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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