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September 27, 1962

Report from Marshal of the Soviet Union M. Zakharov to Comrade R. Ya. Malinovsky on Combat Supplies and Ammunition for Operation 'Anadyr'

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[handwritten document]




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To the Minister of Defense of the USSR

Marshal of the Soviet Union

Comrade R. Ya. Malinovsky


[different handwriting] Agreed. Malinovsky. 27 September 1962


The formations and units sent on operation “Anadyr’” have been provided with combat supplies and ammunition according to the plan in the amounts of:


1. Ground Forces:

- artillery rounds

- 1.0 unit of fire;

- tank [shells]

- 2.25 units of fire;

- anti-aircraft [shells]    

- 2.0 units of fire;

2. Air Force units:

for fighter aviation

- air-to-air missiles

- 4.0 units of fire;

- bombs

- 3. Units of fire;

- shells

- 11.0 units of fire;

for bomber aviation

- bombs (besides special ammunition)

- 9.0 units of fire;

- shells

7.0 units of fire;

3. Navy ships and units:

- artillery rounds

- 1.0 unit of fire;

- depth bombs

- 1.0 unit of fire;


- aviation ammunition

- 11.0 units of fire;


These supplies support the combat operations of the troops for a short time (the ground forces and air forces – up to 10 days, the navy – up to 30 days).

In order to create a material resource base and increase the combat readiness of the troops I would consider it necessary, besides the combat supplies, to create reserves of ammunition of the group in the amounts of:


1. For the Ground Forces:


- Small arms:


- 5.0 units of fire;



- 5.0 units of fire;

illumination and signal    

- 5.0 units of fire;

- Artillery shells and mines:

57-mm anti-tank

- 4.0 units of fire;

120-mm mortar shells    

- 4.0 units of fire;

- Tank:

76-mm PT-76

- 4.0 units of fire;

100-mm T-55

- 4.0 units of fire;

100-mm SU-100       

- 4.0 units of fire;

- Anti-aircraft:

14.5-mm anti-aircraft shells

- 7.0 units of fire;

57-mm anti-aircraft shells

- 7.0 units of fire;






3500 tons



                                                Total                                        3500 tons


2. For Air Forces Units: 10.0 units of fire of air-to-air missiles, 3.0 units of fire of aerial bombs, and 5.0 units of fire of shells, which, together with the airfield supplies, support 20 sorties of fighter and 15 sorties of bomber aircraft.

3. For Navy units: 2.5 units of fire of artillery shells, 3.5 units of fire of anti-aircraft [rounds], and 2.0 units of fire of depth bombs (a three-month supply according to wartime norms).

It is necessary to form a joint artillery depot with a repair section of 140 men to maintain the stocks of ammunition of the Grounds Forces and the aircraft ammunition and a local motorized rifle company of 119 men for security, a total of 259 men.

I request your agreement.

Marshal of the Soviet Union

[signature] M. Zakharov

27 September 1962


[signature] Shibanov

A report detailing the type and amount of combat supplies and ammunition sent with troops on operation “Anadyr’”.

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TsAMO fond 1, opis 14041cc, delo 1, ll. 175-176. Contributed by Sergey Radchenko and Vladislav Zubok and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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