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December 15, 1962

Resolution of the Brazilian Communist Party

5- Resolution of the Brazilian Communist Party

r i o  d e  j a n e i r o, 15 Dec. 62 adn - The leadership of the Brazilian Communist Party, at a conference in Sao Paulo of the leaders of the party organizations of all the federal states, adopted a political resolution. Therein it analyses the international situation and the work of the party for the Brazilian working class. /paragraph/ In the resolution, the leading role of the Soviet Union in the struggle to save humanity from an atomic war during the crisis in the Caribbean and the leading position of the Cuban people is highlighted. /paragraph/ The CP Brazil criticizes, in the domestic political sphere, the government for their support of the “Alliance for Progress”, “an instrument of imperialism that should be opposed by the growing revolutionary consciousness of the Latin American peoples”. The communists support the positive traits of the foreign policy of the current government and particularly the limitations that it has placed on imperialist capital in Brazil. Simultaneously, they criticize the compromises of the government with the revolutionary forces. “The struggle for agrarian reform and against the increase in the cost of living, the defense of civil liberties, and constitutional reform - these are the next tasks that the Brazilian Communist Party has set for itself,” states the resolution.


Message reporting on a resolution passed by the Brazilian Communist Party which praised the Soviet Union for it's role in the Cuban Missile Crisis and criticized the Brazilian government for it's involvement in the US-lead Alliance for Progress.


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SAPMO-BArch, DY 30, IV 2/20/333. Obtained for CWIHP by Jim Hershberg and translated by Sean O'Grady.


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