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Saddam Hussein and Political Officials Discussing How to Deal with the Republican Guard and Other Issues following the First Gulf War

This audio tape contained the following information from 00:00:07‐00:30:51 and 00:36:30‐00:56:15 displayed a meeting presided by Saddam Hussein and attended by several high ranking officials. The individuals talked about various issues coming after the 1st Gulf war and the 1991 Rebellion (Page of Treason and Treachery) such as: ‐Saddam Hussein stated, we must open the door of the hill on who ever deserved it (QC2‐ Translators Comments: he meant that the people who participated in the Rebellion or the people that deserted to Saudi Arabia or the Iran military or civilians) ‐Saddam asked the high ranking officials what was their opinion of people that were traitors to their country. They said that the traitors do not deserved forgiveness. Saddam said that the Republican guards should definitely not be forgiven and must be cleared.(Translators Comments QC2: His definition of cleared means to kill the people.) The clearing should be done no matter what the circumstance of the guard, and it should be done as soon as possible. ‐They talked about soldiers' discipline and training. ‐Saddam said on minute 39:19 that we struggled with the war, but we still went after the people who committed treason and cut their heads off. Also, we went after Israel and launched missiles to make them afraid forever. ‐They discussed the war between Iraq and Kuwait ‐They discussed Iraqi's attack on Kuwait. Saddam said that "Iraq can defend itself against Kuwait, and that Kuwait was a part of Iraq" ‐They talked about the umm Al‐ Ma'arik battle (The Mother of the Battle) ‐Saddam said that America could not attack Iraq by itself, so it collected thirty‐three countries to attack Iraq. ‐They described   American's attack and blockade against Iraq during the 1st Gulf War. ‐Saddam talked about the thirty‐three countries that used the latest weapon technology against Iraq.


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Conflict Records Research Center, National Defense University, SH-SHTP-A-000-834. Contributed by Steve Coll.


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