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January 21, 1968

Secret North Vietnam Politburo Cable

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To: Bay Cuong [Pham Hung, COSVN Party Secretary]


Nam Cong [Vo Chi Cong, Region 5 Party Secretary]


Bay Tien [Tran Van Quang, Tri-Thien Region Party Secretary]


The Politburo has met and reached the following decisions:


1. In order to defeat the U.S. and the Thieu-Ky clique, to split and divide the enemy to the greatest extent possible, to win over and attract individuals and groups opposed to the Americans and the Thieu-Ky clique, to win over the fence-sitters in the cities, and to win wide sympathy and support abroad, during the upcoming high tide mass struggle movement we should form a new front that will be called the “Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces” [Lien Minh Dan Toc Dan Chu va Hoa Binh].


This front will appeal to the people to struggle to achieve the following slogans [demands]: “Independence and Sovereignty,” “Freedom and Democracy,” “Peace and Neutrality,” “Prosperity and Land,” “Withdrawal of American troops,” “Formation of a Nationalist Coalition Government,” “Establishment of Normal Relations Between North and South Vietnam and Eventual Reunification of the Fatherland.”


This front will maintain an independence stance toward the National Liberation Front but will announce that it is an ally of the National Liberation Front and of anyone who wants a South Vietnam that is sovereign, independent, democratic, peaceful, and neutral.


The flag of this front will be a rectangle, with the top being red, the middle blue (the same color as the blue on the NLF flag), and the bottom red (meaning that the flag will be divided into three equal horizontal sections, of which the two red sections will be on the top and on the bottom, and the blue section will be in the middle). A yellow star will be set in the center of the flag. This second front will be organized primarily in the cities, especially in the large cities. The national headquarters of this front will be formed and presented to the public in Saigon. All locations should prepare individuals [leaders] and a movement [followers] to form local chapters and should respond immediately as soon as the presentation of the front in Saigon is made (either before Tet or a few days after Tet).


2. The future revolutionary government in South Vietnam will use the following name: “The Republic of Vietnam.”


3. The Politburo assigns COSVN responsibility for providing guidance and direction for the specifics of the implementation of the above decisions


If any of you have any thoughts about the above matters, send your ideas to the Politburo by secret cable and at the same time, in order to ensure speed, send the cable to COSVN to begin a dialogue with them.

[signed] The Politburo


The Vietnamese Politburo informs COSVN (the communist command in South Vietnam) of plans to form a new front, the “Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces.” This group was to work to undermine the American war effort

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Archive of the Party Central Committee, Hanoi. Translated for CWIHP by Merle Pribbenow


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