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April 29, 1986

A. Serdyuk, 'Some First Priority Questions in connection with the Situation in the Region of the Chernobyl AEhS'

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1. According to data of the UkSSR Ministry of Health 27,500 people have been evacuated from the city of Pripyat' to the Ivankovsky and Polessky Rayons. The remaining population (about 20,000) moved away separately. As of 29 April 1986 16,500 people were left at evacuation sites.  The population of the regions adjacent to the city of Pripyat' (the city of Chernobyl' and others) are beginning to move away separately.


2. The radiation situation. An increased background radiation is being registered at the present time in the cities of Zhitomir (10-12 times [normal]), Rovno (about 10 times), L'vov (2-3 times), and Kiev (2-3 times).  It is below the maximum permissible norms.


The contaminated path connecting Kiev with the Ivankovsky and Polessky Rayons. The movement of transportation from this region to Kiev is being accompanied by the contamination of some city streets. The contamination of vehicles which have visited the region is being recorded.


The decontamination of part of the equipment, people's clothing, and their washing was not done at the moment of the evacuation.


The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service organized the continual radiation monitoring of Kiev and the Kiev, Zhitomir, Rovno, and other Oblasts. Radiation monitoring in the locations of the Kiev water inlet and the Kiev Reservoir [more - SIC] has been established.


3. Agriculture. According to data of radiometric and dosimetric research the radioactive contamination of the area has occurred in the Chernobyl', Ivankov, and Vyshgorod Rayons of Kiev Oblast'. Part of the agricultural crops and pastures was contaminated. The movement of isotopes to the organisms of animals and subsequently to milk is not excluded.


4. Medical service. Doctor's house calls have been organized in evacuation sites, and medical institutions are operating. In addition doctors, paramedics, vehicle transportation, and medicines have been sent.


As of 0900 29 April [the following] have been hospitalized: in Moscow, 144 ill with radiation sickness; in the cities of Kiev and Chernovtsy and the urbanized villages of Ivankov and Polessky, 270 people who have displayed some symptoms of illness with a radiation etiology.


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29 April 1986

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CP CC's General Department]


[5.] An active identification of people contaminated with radioactive substances is being conducted.


Sixty beds for the treatment of possible patients with radiation sickness have been organized in the UkSSR Ministry of Health's Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Radiology.


6. In the situation which has developed many services responsible for carrying out special measures are working insufficiently actively.


Deputy Chief of the Ukrainian CP CC's Department of Science and Educational Institutions [signature] A. Serdyuk


29 April 1986



29 April 1986



The report covers the issue of radiactive fallout following the accident, evacuation procedure, and number of hospitalized.


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Archive of the Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum. Contributed by Anna Korolevska and Adam Higginbotham. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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