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May 16, 1961

Summary of Meeting between Third Secretary Hassenkhe and Head of Socialist Countries Bureau Yaker

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  1. Summary of Meeting, 16 May 1961


Meeting at Our Request:


- GDR Side: Hassenkhe, Third Secretary, and One Assistant

- Algerian Side: Yaker, Head of Socialist Countries Bureau




I) Response to GDR initiative of 27 April 1961


a) Students requesting their exit visas: respectfully asking GDR authorities to issue – those students have free choice to study where they want. If sanctions must affect them, it is up to their national organizations and the government of their country to intervene on their behalf.


b) Proposal to create a protocol to organize the granting of scholarships for students. We are willing to discuss this protocol. But it must apply only to students who enter the GDR after its finalization. A complete accord will avoid all incidents in the future.


c) Settlement of lingering issues: Answering favorably to GDR proposal for meeting between representatives of our two governments to assess the state of our relationship. Hassenhke will discuss our meeting with his government. Answer as soon as he can.


II) Other issues raised


1) Arrest of 3 Brothers of the delegation in Bonn (“which gives us the opportunity to explain why our position in West Germany is useful, there too there exists anti-imperialists…”)


2) Negotiations: Affirm that the GPRA is the only representative of the Algerian people (pertaining to question on the MNA); no other organization is qualified to speak on behalf of the Algerian people. Those who work outside the GPRA are considered counter-revolutionaries (alluding to activities of PCA). Explanation on the origins and the composition of the FLN, revolutionary organization of the entire Algerian people.


3) Fate of Ben Bella and his comrades.


4) Visit to Morocco of GDR plenipotentiary. Duration of stay: approximately 3 weeks.


Subject: Meeting with Moroccan authorities on the establishment of a GDR Red Cross delegation.  This delegation specifically to sustain assistance to us. As soon as he returns, the plenipotentiary will make a protocolary visit to Vice President Krim (or the Secretary General) and meet with them.


Summary of 27 April 1961 meeting between East German Third Secretary, Hassenkhe, and Algerian Head of Socialist Countries Bureau, Layachi Yaker. Algerian government describes Algerian socialist organizations as "counter-revolutionary." Summary references East German establishment of Red Cross delegation in Morocco as unofficial channel for providing Algeria with material assistance.

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Dossier 47/04/01; Fond: GPRA, 1958-62; Archives Nationales d’Algérie, Alger. Translated from French and transcribed by Pierre Asselin, with Paulina Kostrzewski.


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